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Yandere Simulator “See Through The Eyes of A Yandere!”



Witness the world through the eyes of a ravenous yandere with YandereDev’s upcoming title “Yandere Simulator”, a stealth game about an obsessed girl hellbent on eliminating anyone who interacts with her beloved senpai – a brilliant idea that has some baffled as to how such a game had not been conceived of sooner.

The developers state that aspiring yandere will have a multitude of methods available for eradicating their competition, though murder is of course likely to be the method most called upon – and a viable one at that so long as the player effectively disposes of all the evidence.

The latest build of the game in action:

Yandere Simulator is still in early development, but those interested can check out the game’s official website and YouTube channel – individuals that want to more directly support the title can also donate to the developer’s Patreon page.

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