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JS Loli Idol Group Bans Fan “For Touching”



A junior idol group with members as young as 6 has banned one of their fans “for touching and monopolising” one of the girls at an event.

Junior idol group “Girlfriend,” whose 4 members range from 6 to 11, was holding a barbecue event for fans when one of the attendees began touching the body of one of the girls and monopolising her time, all prohibited conduct according to the event’s rules.

The fan in question reportedly knew such conduct was banned, and was unrepentant when confronted by the group’s handlers – prompting them to take the radical step of banning him from future events.

The group’s management has apologised to fans, members and parents for “even the slightest discomfort” they may have experienced as a result of this. No involvement from the authorities is apparent.

Similar groups have also recently come to public attention for “dakko-kai” – hugging events in which paying fans get a chance to touch up the girls in various notionally innocent games:




Online there is far more concern about other aspects of the group:

“Sounds more like a sex crime than a reason to ban him from the event…”

“Can’t really expect anything else when dealing with this kind of customer base.”

“Making elementary schoolers do this kind of work…”

“Just arrest anyone who goes there, problem solved.”

“Arrest the people who formed this group, you mean.”

“What are the parents thinking?”

“The guy who touched the girl is bad, but I think the adults who organised a skinship BBQ event with a 6-year-old are worse.”

“Parents, management, fans, all insane…”

“This is what the idol business is about!?”

“It’s OK to touch your girlfriend.”

“What the hell is this business about?”

“And what are the police doing?”

“I can’t believe they go on about censoring anime and manga when an industry like this goes completely unmolested.”

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