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Top 10 Most Popular Anime Seiyuu


Anime fans have yet again been quizzed as to who their most beloved seiyuu of the moment are, leading to some rather unsurprising results, be it by their recurrent and widespread talent or recent association with a work of overpowering popularity – and not much in the way of newcomers, age and marital status evidently having not been too much of a problem of late.

The ranking, based on a survey of several thousand anime fans, handily divides the results by gender:

Top 10 female seiyuu:

1. Kana Hanazawa

2. Nana Mizuki

3. Miyuki Sawashiro

4. Yui Ogura

5. Yukari Tamura

6. Rie Kugimiya

7. Nao Touyama

8. Haruka Tomatsu

9. Ayana Taketatsu

10. Aki Toyosaki

Top 10 male seiyuu:

1. Hiroshi Kamiya

2. Tatsuhisa Suzuki

3. Yuuki Kaji

4. Tomokazu Sugita

5. Daisuke Ono

6. Mamoru Miyano

7. Jun Fukuyama

8. Hiro Shimono

9. Yuichi Nakamura

10. Kenichi Suzumura

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