Teacher Busted for JS Sex: “But She Told Me She Was a JC!”


A teacher arrested for paying an elementary schooler for sex has offered the less than helpful defence that “she told me she was in middle school.”

The 29-year-old Toyama prefecture middle school maths teacher became acquainted with a 13-year-old elementary schooler on an “deaikei” dating site, and she agreed to have sex with him at a hotel for ¥30,000.

The budding young prostitute soon got into trouble for truancy and her antics came to light, after which police investigated and brought charges of child prostitution against the teacher.

The teacher’s defence is that “she told me she was in the first year of middle school.”

According to the school the teacher had been with them for some 3 years and was known for his “passionate” instruction of the soft tennis club.

The principal has apologised for his conduct, calling it “inexcusable,” and the local education authority promises to “deal with him strictly and take steps to prevent this happening again.”

Amongst the experts in such matters who inhabit online spaces it has been remarked that he got off lightly – had she been 12 he would likely face rape charges, which even a teacher might be hard-pressed to keep his job after.


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