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Shingeki no Kyojin Sales “Second Only To One Piece”


The 12th volume of of Shingeki no Kyojin is truly a hit of titanic proportions, outselling all manga this year save One Piece.

With 2.2 million copies of the recently released volume 12 sold, Attack on Titan crushed even the likes of Naruto and Kuroko no Basket, which managed only to pass the paltry one million mark this year.

Only One Piece managed more, with some of the latest tankobon managing to shift as much as 4 million copies.

Shingeki has gone from selling 40,000 copies at its start 3 years ago to over 2 million with its latest volume – some 50 times more.

Its huge grand total of 28 million volumes sold does however have some way to go before it catches up to Japan’s national manga One Piece – now at over 300 million.

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