Traffic Cone Schoolgirl Sex Upskirtist Busted By Own Camera


The perverse plans of an exceptionally devious voyeur who secreted a camera inside a traffic cone came undone when not only did one of his schoolgirl prey somehow see through his ruse, but it also emerged his camera had helpfully recorded his own face – and after arresting him police soon discovered his schoolgirl violation antics went much further than just their modesty.

The 43-year-old unemployed Osaka man secreted a camera inside a traffic cone and then placed the cone in a car park along a school route he had determined was heavily frequented by female high schoolers.

He managed to secure a variety of low-angle photographs capturing the thighs and underwear of passing girls, but an incredibly perceptive schoolgirl became suspicious of the newly appeared traffic cone and tipped off her school, who in turn informed police.

Police found the cone in question had been altered by drilling a small hole and then taping a camera attached to sponge padding to the cone interior behind the hole in such a way as to afford an excellent view of passing schoolgirls.

Unfortunately for the devious pervert, it also afforded an excellent view of his own face and car, allowing police to apprehend him easily.

After charging him with voyeurism, the further investigations of police soon uncovered the fact he had paid 5 schoolgirls aged from 15 to 17 for sexual favours, leading to a slew of additional child prostitution charges.

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