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US Internment Camps “Human Rights Crime of Century”


Rare colour photographs of the captivity enjoyed by Japanese-Americans in WWII thanks to the tender hospitality of Uncle Sam have been causing much controversy amongst Japanese online, with many keen either to burnish their victimhood or praise the relatively humane nature of  “the USA’s concentration camps.”

The newly published photos date back to WWII, when the land of the free was indiscriminately locking up those of its ethnic Japanese citizens it did not send off to die fighting on the European frontlines:


Some 110,000 Japanese-Americans, most of whom were American citizens, were forcibly imprisoned in a series of “internment” camps in desolate locations under military guard from 1942 onwards, on the basis that they were all possible spies. Canada also operated similar camps.

The US government issued a formal apology for their treatment in 1988, and has paid out over a billion dollars in reparations to its victims. Germans and Italians were not subject to similar imprisonment.

The photos, by Bill Manbo, are published in an anthology entitled “Colors of Confinement: Rare Kodachrome Photographs of Japanese American Internment in World War II.”

The topic arouses a certain amount of indignation amongst latter day Japanese, not that their own nation’s ghastly wartime treatment of non-Japanese in any way compares favourably:

“As expected of America!”

“The greatest human rights violation of the 20th century!”

“Actually some of them look quite happy.”

“Vivid kimono they had there, really nice to see colour photos like this.”

“Beautiful kimono! And good physiques on those wrestlers.”

“None of these people would have been able to afford kimono if they had stayed in Japan, most of them were just poor farmers there.”

“They are wearing them wrong anyway, more like yukata.”

“Why release them now? They are just trying to whitewash the camps as somehow being ‘humane.'”

“The real issue here is that they just let Germans go about their lives.”

“Looks more pleasant than contemporary Japan at any rate.”

“These aren’t Japanese, they are nikkei Japanese-Americans!”

“Even today Japanese-Americans are as anti-Japanese as Koreans.”

“Who cares about this stuff! Spread more pictures of them bombing us!”

“America is a military nation, not a Christian nation. You’re nothing th”

“This is just propaganda. Japanese should never forget they had all their property seized and after the war were subject to massive discrimination.”

“Go and learn about Unit 731 and lieutenant general Shiro Ishii.”

“And what’s wrong with trying to stop the spread of disease?”

“How Japan was treating its prisoners of war:”



“The 442nd was America’s greatest military unit ever and won more medals than any others!”

“Just looking at the wealth of the US at the time, you can really see why Japan was beaten.”

“Those who couldn’t stand having all their property taken and being locked up as enemy aliens could always go and fight on the front lines in Europe.”

“This kind of horrible treatment is a real issue. Japan was feeding and treating its captured enemy soldiers properly, they just thought the nori was black paper!”

“Japan’s US and European POWs were nothing but skin and bones when they were released…”

“You can’t compare POWs to civilians!”

“And most of these prisoners were American citizens!”

“Even Japanese, soldiers included, were starving at the time…”

“Of course, they just neglected to record the horrible conditions of these internees!”

“According to a book by one of the guys in the 442nd, the internees each were mandated to have a meat ration of at least 220g a day – Japan was fighting an ultra-wealthy nation which even gave its prisoners the equivalent of a steak at a family restaurant each day…”

“Seeing how differently they treated their Japanese citizens to the ones from Germany and Italy infuriates me, but compared to how the Nazis were treating their prisoners this is heaven.”

“Fancy those American brutes not setting up gas chambers for them!”

“Japan needs to set up these kinds of camps for its Korean citizens.”

“They treated Japanese internees humanely, whilst Japanese were making their foreign prisoners eat wood…”

“This is pure racism! Filthy Anglo-Saxon American brutes ought to grovel on the ground in apology to the Japanese!”

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  • My Grandfather was a soldier back then when Japan invaded Philippines, he said that Japanesse in America at that was lucky because they are treated more fairly. In those soldiers that got captured we’re forced to their own grave.

  • I find it odd that they would find the WWII internment camps to be the human rights violation of the century but they don’t bother to mention the fact that they also committed a human rights crime of the century as well, for the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, which is what incited the creation of these camps in the first place.

  • and the Japanese allies murdered and tortured the people in their camps. The Americans let their prisoners stay with their families, keep their possessions, fed them, and gave them a place to live.

    considering Japan bombed the US for no reason with no warning it makes sense that they would try to prevent any possible future sneak attacks.

  • US won and of course it acted like the hero and made europe the monster of WW2 but US was in it only for the money.
    Same as Vietnam, same as Irak, US does war for profits.
    That’s their true nature.
    Even today they want to pass laws and censorship all over the world, for profits.

  • Some of those comments from 2ch really piss me off. How do any of them have the right to chastise another nation for human rights violations when they won’t even recognise the fucked up shit they did to countries they occupied and the pows they took? Instead they hide it all and pretend it never happened.I really hope there is a lot more correcting those idiots and reminding them of the fact that they are fucking idiots.

  • How about… the WHOLE OF WWII was horrible to people all over the place (the other wars were super easy compared). Stop being solipsist about who did what to “you” when “you” were also doing harm.

    The USA sucks when it’s doing bad things
    Japan sucks when it’s doing bad things
    Germany sucks when it’s doing bad things
    China, North Korea, Congo, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, Pakistan/India, USSR, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, El Salvador,
    …suck when they are doing bad things

    Yes, the Japanese American internment camps were a horrible chapter in a dubious American history. If we’re not going to talk about Nanking, Tibet, Auschwitz, Tienanmen Square and Kent State, or Nuclear Weapon’s used against civilians, then you’re too myopic to declare that you know anything (but there is the problem with myopia).

  • from what i have heard it was more about stealing the Japanese land and cutting the competition in the west….like California….now i did work with a guy who was in the camps as a kid ….and his feelings aren’t too strong because it was just where he was and kids don’t care as much about stuff…but he did get a nice chunk of change out of it …..idk how much though….but still it was just total bull to do this stuff…about half could be because people where just scared and pissed off….

  • Hardly the crime of the century but it sure wasn’t right to imprison all those people because of their heritage. At least, they DID apologize, which is a lot more than other countries, Japan included, ever did with their own crimes.

  • Umm… There were German-American internment camps during both WWI and WWII, and Italian-American internment camps during WWII. Look it up.

    Americans have a hard time understanding who their enemies actually are. Just look at the treatment of Muslims after 9/11. But that’s not much different than every other country in the world. People are pretty much retarded in large groups.

  • Yes, it was a damn shame what the US did to their own Japanese ethnic citizens.

    But “human right’s crime of the century?” You’d have to be an antisemitic Jew hater to not pick the interment and slaughter of millions of jews at the hands of Nazi Germany as the century’s most egregious human rights crime.

  • The information that German and Italian were not interned the same way is factually incorrect in this article.

    The fact is that the USA DID intern them as well. Italian internment camps were limited to non-citizens. While German internment camps where for German-Americans and non-citizen Germans. Unlike Japanese-Americans both the Germans or the Italians internees or their survivors have not received a proper official apology or reparations from the US Federal Government. Only the State of California did officially apologize to Italian-American internees and/or their survivors for the actions taken against them or their families during WWII.

    I know that Sankaku Complex is not a real news site, but I expect that a quick fact check would be done before anything is posted.

  • Horrible just horrible, America, Japan, Europe…nearly every nation and continent on Earth has done this. It doesn’t surprise me anymore if the Human race were to obliterate itself from the face of the Earth. Give it a few years and man will kill itself and the world with drones, missiles, and nuclear weapons.

  • Sorry Japan, but the old Imperial Japan was mighty fucked up. Most people don’t have problems with modern Japan these days. But at least don’t deny that at some point in history you were once a fucked up nation.

  • I always wanted to know just what exactly the guards / military judicial authorities would have intended to do if any of the myriads of children they interned would try to escape. I know it’s an unlikely scenario (what exactly would they even do if successful etc.), but it can even happen by accident, like playing near the perimeter or something (see pic #10). Just throw them back in? Punish them? Execute them?

    This question perfectly illustrates the stupidity and senselessness of the whole idea of interning civilians at all. But at least the US apologized and tried to compensate, let alone that there apparently haven’t been any worse human rights violations.

    Doesn’t stop them from making the same mistake again and imprisoning basically completely innocent children simply because their parents happened to unlawfully cross the US border out of desperation. Not that most other “modern” “democratic” countries wouldn’t be guilty of that too though.

  • The 442nd were volunteers and the most heroic group of soldiers that fought for the U.S. during the war.
    If you ask the Texas battalion that the 442nd rescued they were the finest soldiers to fight in that war. They saved the surrounded Texans at a horrific cost to themselves.
    Buy a book and learn about the nisei, you will be proud of them too.

  • Only reasonable conclusion to draw from this is that the Yanks erred in not rounding up the Germans and Italians during WW2 too. This however would probably not have been possible as Germans and Italians made up probably 30-40% of the majority whites.

  • “This is pure racism! Filthy Anglo-Saxon American brutes ought to grovel on the ground in apology to the Japanese!”

    Fucking jap bitch loves to talk shit behind a monitor. Get your ass over to US if you got a problem. We know how to deal with mouthy cunts like this.

  • It’s a 1.000.000 light years away from reality in japanese internment camps and japanese (racial and cultural) apartheids through Asia during ww2 and before.

    I hate japanese and their whines and I hate their hypocrisy. when will they admit sincerely their own crimes ? (perhaps never).

    The worst error US done was to acknowledge hiroshima and nagasaki (false) “Holocausts”, taking in consideration japanese actitud toward their own atrocities.

  • “Germans and Italians were not subject to similar imprisonment.”

    And how exactly would they go rounding up and imprisoning Americans with German or Italian roots? It’s not like they look any different from any other citizen of USA at the time, they’d need to dig through paperwork to find out.

  • The sad part is that most non Asian Americans still hate the Japanese yet the Japanese still want to be like them… They look down on the Japanese and consider anything from Japan not worth anything, yet, most Japanese visiting here, seem to love Americans… I don’t get it… I will do my part in reversing this by spreading hate amongst the non Asian races.

  • human rights violation of the century? HAH! everyone knows that falls under Adolf Hitler’s reign. anyone who says different hasn’t done their research. i did some reading one night on just what went on there to see what the big deal was, and it’s disgusting. pure evil. It’s not worth mentioning the details cause it makes me sick to think about it.

      • It was for utilitarian reasons. Utilitarianism is in vogue in ethics circles. Rather put a small portion of Japanese away in camps then have your war effort sabotaged. In the beginning of the war the Axis were winning and so the US did not want to take chances. It seems a pragmatic if not unfortunate move. Certainly they should have done the same to the Germans and Italians but that would put 40% of Americans in camps and would not work.

      • But those who did worse have no right to criticize us. Spilling your drink on an order once every two months is bad. Someone who doesn’t even show up for work half the time and spits in half the orders that comes his way doesn’t get to bitch at someone else’s mistakes.

    • ‘concentration camps’. Loaded term favorited by biased fucktards who try to portray restrained and understandable actions of a government as a ‘crime’.

      Maybe if they were kicked out of their country by koreans and left to wonder the earth for 2000 years, being persecuted, suffering pogroms, and stuffed into gas chambers they might understand the true meaning of ‘crime’.

      Cry more, privileged immigrant cunts.

  • Real reason the Japanese were locked up was because of the threat of the Black Dragon Yakuza, who had infiltrated a lot of South American ports and we were worried had also infiltrated US western ports.

    And we were right. About 10%-13% of all Japanese prisoners in the camps turned out to be part of the Black Dragon.

    Still doesn’t excuse what we did, but there were reasons for it back then.

    • Agreed. Japanese were not 100% innocents. Combined with the fact that they held themselves above loyalty to the nation they supposedly promised to be loyal to, and it is entirely justified action on part of US to do so, and also leave out the room for those who truly wish to swear alliegience to US by fighting in the war.

      No japanese unit existed before US basically put down an ultimatum to these two-faced disloyal people who did not understand that being a citizen of a country means you swear loyalty to it above any previous relations. Promises means something. Those who bitch about ‘violation of their rights’ and ‘we are citizens’ seem to forget that rights come with responsibilities and duty. They hold no rights if they speak of loyalty in public but bitch and talk shit in private about the very country that allowed far more freedom than they would have enjoyed as immigrants if they, say went to china or korea, or if japan accepted immigrants.

  • The US was a bit of a dick when it shipped Japanese citizens off to internment camps but it was nothing compared to what three major axis powers did.

    The things Japan and Germany did in WWII even made the nukes the US dropped look minor.

    • Nukes were a mercy kill. Majority of people felt very little suffering before their lives were taken away, but what the japs did in asia was hundred times worse. If japan offered up its entire population for that treatment for 10 years it would still not be enough to even things out.

      Yet they like to pretend they are ‘special’ victims because they were nuked. Next uppity jap that dares to mouth off better check themselves before they get killed.

        • Listening to soviet and chinese/NK propaganda again? That BS was disproven years ago when a defector from USSR came to the west with motherload of documents, among them plans for forumalting rumors and manufacturing evidence for US ‘biological’ weapons usage.

          Biological weapons of that degree were considered too unpredictable, too unreliable and of questionable effectiveness. US military is, relatively speaking, efficient and swift in killing for the sake of elimination.

  • Hell most of those tiny house look alot better then most of the crappy places to live in America right now. How sad is that 😐 Yeah i agree WE should of never had camps AT ALL. But man how much was rent for it? can i get in on that? 😛

  • Oh Japan, always trying to play the victim while ignoring all the war crimes they committed during and prior to WWII. Don’t get me wrong, the Japanese internment camps in the US were wrong too. But if it had been the other way around, and it was US internment camps in Japan, it would have been a lot worse.

    This is why whenever I see those nationalist bozos with their rising sun flags spouting hate from their loud speakers I just smh.

    • Also, they forget that the US apologized for the internment of the Japanese during WWII. Japan has yet to give an official apology to any nation or people that they slaughtered or treated horribly. Hell, they haven’t even apologized to the Okinawans, who are part of their own damn country now. All they do is try to erase history from their text books and deny things like Nanking (Ishihara the nut) ever even happened.

      I remember a big protest in Okinawa when the JP government tried to remove all references from JP school books about the poor treatment and forced suicide bombings of Okinawans during the Battle of Okinawa. Thank god there are still sensible people in Japan and the revisions didn’t go though.

  • It’s hillarious to see these japs trying to create a false sense of victimhood with any scraps of slimmest excuses. They should experience some real hardships like ‘Rape of Tokyo’ or ‘Chinese unit 731’ to learn what it really means to pay for its crimes.

    Just look at some anime or other japanese media and you can see how insipid and childish they are as they attempt to portray themselves as ‘victims’.

    When some US paratroopers landed in Yokohama right after surrender, they went on a rampage of looting, raping and gang-raping, at one point going into the hospital and raping pregnant women. Now, if this was any other country, I say those paratroopers should have been executed on the spot. However, since this was japan, these men need to be awarded a special medal for teaching these laughably narrow eyed monkeys what it really means to wage war. The only way it could have been made better was if we brought in some chinese and korean forced laborers and forced some ‘labor’ out of these japs.

    • Americans did some fucked up shit since ww2 by your logic Wietnam needs to take lots of USA civilians and burn them to death for example.
      And what about Russians they were raping nad killing civilians too and not only german ones.
      Excusing one crime by another is fucking retarded .

      • 04:19 And i love oil lusting americunts with undeserved ego.
        You cant deny crimes americans did in nam and i never said that americans were only ones evil in nam.
        Ok you know why dont you visit Japan and start killing random people they deserve it right?(by your primitive logic)….You make me sick .

      • I suppose you love to harp about Mai Lai when that was pretty much standard operating procedure for NVA: They would go into a village, either try to persuade/coerce the village head to assist them, then if he didn’t bend over they would kidnap his family and him and torch any resistance thereby making an example out of them. Of course, the inhabitants will be declared ‘enemies of people and nation’ and subject to degradation at the hands of communist sympathizers.

        I love it when idiots who only hear biased opinions take them as facts and believe americans were the worst in vietnam when their enemies were simply whitewashing it better while committing same crimes daily. So many anti-US sentiment is baseless bitching by undeserving morons who just like to criticize those who are stronger.

        Japan’s a special case. They had absolutely no reason to invade mainland asia, no justification. Their reasons and justifications are excuses of 4 year olds, and only at times when they are not out right lies. Fuck Nazi ambassador to china gave refuge to nanking civillians when the massacre happened. This should tell you what the japs deserve.

        • 09:06 To the Chinese, he was absolutely an ambassador. You are absolutely correct on that – Germany and China enjoyed favored country status during that time on economic relations as the two countries had a mutually beneficial relationship at the time. This is why many of the non-American weapons used in the Chinese civil war of modern history are of German design.

          But to the Japanese he was a normal foreigner with membership in the Nazi party and a lot of local clout because that is the extent to which they recognized him. During the war Germany cut ties with China because of military alliances and the fact that they could not ensure any imports from China would ever make it to Germany (plus Japan laid claims on China).

        • 04:57 I like how naively you think because he didn’t have an official title that he was not effectively an ambassador. It’s called unofficial channels and informal/underwraps diplomatic relations. Every country uses them. Germany and japan were nominally allies, so having an official ambassador in china like so would be impolitic.

        • 06:35 Nothing is ‘understandable’ that’s a cop out. Since when is lack of natural resources a valid reason for doing what japanese did? Japan is not covered in lava and Mt. Fuji never exploded in recent memory. Going by your attitude, I suppose it is entirely justified for me to make 10 kids in a 15 by 12 one room apartment with a small garden, than demand and take anything I like from a neighboring store because I am in need of them. Not negotiate, not deal, take. At least colonial powers negotiated with the locals to a degree in many ways.

          Giving any kind of sympathy for this is ridiculous. Not even the worst of the colonial powers, never mind all other middle eastern kingdoms who enslaved the africans far more than others were this bad. Not one caused such destruction and bitching of insolent attitude that brought about casualties second only to the Eastern front in such short time. This is purely childish tantrum on part of japs who being stuck in a small island that no one particularly wanted developed a foolish delusion that they are special.

          They should have lived within their bounds, especially since they had little to offer to world except constant bitching about how they think they are special. No one would have devastated their cities if they attempted to negotiate better imperatives of trade and lived within their means.

        • The reason Japan invaded mainland Asia is because the Japanese island is tapped for resources. It’s not even as big as the state of California, and a great deal of it is covered in volcanic mountains. Mainland Asia offerred vast nearby farmland, so if you were going to expand with a presumed imperialistic imperative why wouldn’t you aim for China?

          I’m not saying it was a moral or even good justification, but resource acquisition is still an understandable one.

        • John Rabe wasn’t a Nazi ambassador. He was the president of Siemens Nanking and a MEMBER of the Nazi party, which is why the Nazi party didn’t respond much at all to his calls for diplomatic talks and asylum for citizens.

          He did get to fly their flags though, which kept Japanese planes from outright bombing his facilities…

      • Not really the indians, since they too were migrants of people that decended from genetic stock that originated from africa and europe.

        Only people who can claim to be ‘native’ to their land are people of the western most continents and regions.

        There was little to no ‘country’ to speak of in the North Americas, present day US and canada, only a bunch of revisionist actions that seek to present hodgepodge of settlements as ‘nations’ that only coalasced firmly into a nation state AFTER the europeans came through earlier than Jamestown.

        If anyone likes to talk about how it was all happy land before the EBIL europeans came, I suggest they try living under the aztecs and see how ‘innocent’ they were. Slavery under US was more tolerable than slavery and subjugation by the aztecs, the so-called ‘natives’.

        No on likes facts though, so keep bitching.

        • Uhh, Hispanic American here. My family came to present day Texas in the early 1700s, when it was a Spanish territory, then it was Mexico, then the Republic of Texas, and THEN Texas became a U.S. State.

          I didn’t immigrate to America, we were given land grants to New Spain by the Queen of Spain. 300 years later, living on the same land my family had had for generations I was still referred to as a wetback (river crosser).

          I live in Tokyo now.

        • Not that simple. While immigration may account for about 15% of the population today, immigration waves of the 1830s and 60s were considerably more populous. Also note that:

          1830s: Primarily Irish (fleeing from famine) and Germans (carrying money with them)
          1860s: Eastern and Southern Europeans

          Our white people are incredibly mixed.

  • One thing you overlooked is that the camps were partly to keep Japanese-Americans “safe”. The reason they didn’t have camps for Germans and Italians is because you can’t tell if someone is German or Italian just by looking at them. Asian-Americans were being attacked, discriminated and even killed on account of being “Japs”, for the most part this was regardless of whether or not they were actually Japanese. With the camps, people believed they were separated from the Japanese and the incentive to attack Asian-Americans was less prominent. How effective it was is debatable.

    I’m not saying the camps were entirely benevolent or appropriate or morally sound, I’m just saying the situation was more complex than just “lez lock up dem dirty Japs cuz dis ‘ere is ‘Muricah”. Or more complex than the article presents at least.

    Also, first the scum on 2ch(I refuse to lump all Japanese into this category) say things like “We’ve paid compensation for invading Korea and comfort girls” when faced with that fact. Then they see this, and although reparations were paid and an apology has been issued(the Japanese government has never officially apologized to Korea) they treat us with the same “victim complex” the Koreans treat them with. Human rights crime of the 20th century? No, I’m pretty sure that’s still the Holocaust. They teach foreign history in Japan right?

  • The Japanese don’t even cover WWII in their schools other then to skim over a few details like the war in China, Pearl Harbor and the A Bomb droppings (insert victim hood) so how can any Japanese person comment on these photo’s of Japanese American’s with any sort of intelligence. The whole nation has gone into selective amnesia since the occupation after defeat. I don’t completely blame them because a lot of it rests on General MacArthur and the occupation staff.

    They were anxious to get Japan as an ally against Communism so they let a lot of atrocities go by the boards. Hell the even signed away the American POW rights to compensation from Japan! A lot of Japanese war criminals like the doctors in Unit 731 got immunity from prosecution to get their bio-weapon data and they wound up coming to the US to work on bio-weapons here.

  • What the US did to the Japanese Americans was wrong and racist but in no way compares to the brutal treatment of civilians captured by Imperial Japan.
    There’s a big difference between being involuntarily
    confined in some remote camp and what was going on in the Philippines,China,Singapore and Malaya.

    Men living in these camps volunteered to serve in the US military to prove the were loyal Americans.

    When they were given the opportunity to 14,000 served
    and became the most decorated unit with the most casualties in WWII.
    21 Congressional Medals of Honor
    52 Distinguished Service Crosses
    1 Distinguished Service Medal
    560 Silver Stars (28 with Oak Leaves second award)
    22 Legion of Merit
    15 Soldiers Medal
    4,000 Bronze Stars
    9,486 Purple Hearts

    I honor these men and their bravery. Hardly the deeds of captured slaves.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but in most of those cases medals were handed out out of surprise and ‘well you outdid yourself FROM WHAT WAS PREVIOUSLY EXPECTED’. Many of the things 442 was decorated for was done routinely by many other american units across the front – it’s just that 442 came under greater attention due to its nature, and that mostly the awards were given for things that were routinely expected of other units because people were expecting little from 442.

      All it did was prove that 442 had more attention than other units, and that they were rewarded for things that was expected as normal and routine because people were ‘rewarding the achievements of low-expectation unit’. To portray them as the greatest american unit is a delusional-wish it so pipe dream.

      • @ Anon 01:45

        So how do you explain the fact that none of the all Black units (remember the Armed Forces were still segregated) even came close to achieving any of these awards don’t forget, nobody expected much of them either.
        You could also look at the possibility that because of racism the 442nd was put into situations where they would have been used as cannon fodder to save white troops from getting killed and overcame and excelled in spite of this.
        Your critique cuts both ways buddy.

        • Racism against japanese compared to blacks is an entirely different story. These japanese were much better treated than blacks, and racism against their achievements were greater than towards the japanese. This comes from far greater time and history of racial tension that would make any japanese take his belongings and hop on the next boat home.

          442nd was once again never really in any of the deadliest combat situations in the entire theatre. There is quite a bit playing up situations and words when it comes to ‘glorifying’ these poor poor people who thinks they deserve special treatment. If you take a look at some of their medals and commendations, they were actions that were equal to what other squads performed just as frequently, but is loaded with ‘we outdid the low standards of main stream society’. War is dangerous – normally impossible sounding tasks are given daily treatment especially back in ww2. It’s really funny how they claim all those medals and commendations when all the men who died in ardenne, storming omaha, iwo jima, and other more dangerous fields were never given such treatment. They were but a minority in a sea of people who charged the bullets and killing fields. If you look at it factually, it starts looking more and more like these individuals are just trying harder in clamoring for recognition for things other people took as reality of war, and just like to play up their role in the war as something special. Unfortunately, it resonated with the officers who basically gave them a pat on the head saying ‘good boy!’ when they showed they could fight to the level other units were expected of as a norm.

          Mainstream society’s view towards blacks was lightyears away from japanese. Any black person would laugh in your face if you mentioned both cases of racism as if they are equals. That is a very poor comparison and shows your laughable understanding of the issue.

  • “The greatest human rights violation of the 20th century!”

    Really? He can’t think of anything else in the entirety of the 20th century that might possibly be a LITTLE higher on the list of human rights violations…?

  • These were different times, and people were indeed a lot more racist then than now. While racism does persist and has never been fully stamped out, one can at least note that you don’t see anything like an “arab concentration camp” nowadays.

    What was that? What about Guantanamo Bay? LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING!

    But to be fair the advent of the internet has drastically changed the level of allowed propaganda. Things published and distributed in the 40’s would never survive the profuse cyber-coverage without repurcussion. Also, people were frankly kind of silly back then. Please see the following “How to Spot a Jap” and “The H-Bomb and You” booklets for hilariously sad examples of our ancestral government’s silliness.

    • Interesting – racism needs to be stamped out? So if you dislike a race you must be stamped out? Or what, it must be beaten out of you? Fredom of speech, conscience and association must go out the window?
      Wow talk about discrimination and hate.

      But NAACP, National Bar Association, Black etc. are OK?

      • Present-day anti-racists are just racists themselves hiding behind the past crimes for which their ‘ancestors’ were just as guilty as the perpetrators.

        Jesse Jackson need to stop bitching like a whore in heat, same goes for any ‘association’ for ‘coloreds’. I am a ‘colored’ and I don’t need fucking ambulance chasing bitch like present day ‘civil rights activists’ to represent my rights. People need to distinguish between outright racism, versus a level of prejudice and bigotry present in all races equally due to the fact that people a) can’t fucking read minds, b) they are never as innocent as they like to believe. Racism is much more prevalent amongst minorities than majority in the nation in reality. If anybody believes the color of their skin is like a special permission passport to bitch and bitch about past crimes none of them have actually experienced, they need a reality check and a beating within an inch of its life.

        • @7:25

          Exactly I totally agree, My buddy and I got drunk one time and called a bunch a black kids the N word and said that they need to get out of our neighborhood and threw some bottles at their feet, w/e we weren’t throwing it at them. We were just joking around. Then the police showed up and said it we were doing racist shit. It was so messed up.

        • Lol you sound angry, are you mad because you want to stand up for yourself but cant because someone else did it for you. Step One: grow the fuck up. Step Two: stop acting like a tough guy on the internet its pathetic.

        • That’s true. But my point was this BS about stamping out racism. That sounds fascist to me. One has to work legally to avoid discrimination but forcing people to think differently is the real BS. If someone does not like whites or blacks, so what. That’s his problem. The one who wants to STAMP things out is the one who ends up killing people.

  • Unless Japan forgot all about history, I really would recommend Japan shut the hell up and go about their lives, because this is another war they will loose… again because of ignorance, nationalism, pride and stupidity.

  • There are monuments admitting and lamenting the injustice of these prison camps in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere and other monuments to the Japanese-American military units (all volunteer, by the way) as well as one of those silly 1950’s war movies (it’s called Go For Broke!). Some of the inhabitants of these camps later became senators and the like.

    Compare to the slippery way the Japanese treat their own war history.

    I’m glad a fair number of the selected comments aren’t buying the self-centered hysteria of the rest.

  • A person or a non person cannot look at how it was from 1930 to 1942 from todays point of view. Raceism still exists today as every parent teaches it to their childern from age 1 to 3 with the ‘hate those people hate those people’ retoric each church teaches them to do.

    They were potential spys, they had or could have had relatives visiting from Japan who had zero intentions of becoming good Americans. Those relatives sure could have taken street maps and addresses back which would have allowed devastation to arrive in the heartland of America which ended up no happening.

    From what I have seen over the last 30 years just from news stories it looks as if there is a group trying to make Japan follow the Communist ways of the Communist countrys that dominate the worlds landscape and yet again they are trying to give a point of view with no value to destory the USA from with-in as the dope heads have no idea what any one is talking about so they jump on the 1st bandwagon that comes along, then the next bandwagon and then the next.

  • He, that title and some other comments made me laugh. Of course these camps were a unjustified crime. But some japanese calling it the “human rights crime of the century” is some of the most disgusting hypocrisy possiple.
    Well, thats retarded rightnuts for you, seeing german conservatives glorify the Wehrmacht is just as painfull…

  • after ww2 end in thailand we put japanese civilian in internment camp as well,all of them enjoy better treatment than americlap one(i mean in picture).compare to the thai-chinese(AKA JEWS) and thai-isan that got treat as slave.although weeaboo fuhrer marshall phibunsongkram was pro japanese but we don’t like a nip and their greater east asia co-prosperrity sphere bullshit.if there are no jap in ww2,we would be Gross Königreich Thailand now and killing some phedophile catholic french for the lulz.

    also most of japanimation today are the shame of humanity bro.long live mamoru oshii.

  • Empire of the Sun, Disc 5. The life of imprisoned Japanese in American camps.

    It shows them fighting off starvation by growing their own food… wait a minute…

    It at least shows our main character, who is now Japanese building a model aircraft.

  • They seem to have forgotten the fact that Gen. MacArthur SPECIFICALLY made Manila a “free city” in 1942 to spare the civilians and the city itself to damage. All military personnel were removed from the city, all military installations (Nichols Air Base and Fort McKinley, for example) were practically empty and everything was already dismantled. All official military presence in the Philippines has retreated to Bataan, yet they still bombed the capital, killing civilians but not soldiers, destroying buildings for civilians but not military buildings (since they were already destroyed duh).

    • Reading into it.

      Ap. 5 thousands died. With total 2 milion prisoners, this make ~0.25% death rate, lower than in most countries POW camps, though still higher than average to American POW camps (0.15%).

      Wouldn’t call it bad. Much safer than beign taken POW by Germans (3.5% death rate) or Japanese (33%).

    • Canada had POW camps for German prisoners scattered throughout the prairies. Mostly they just let the inmates mingle with the regular population of small towns. I mean, where are they really going to go? They’re in the middle of fuck all nowhere. They’d die of thirst in Alberta, be eaten by gophers in Saskatchewan, and sucked dry by mosquitoes in Manitoba.

        • I found out about these camps while hiking near Clear Lake, Manitoba about 20 years ago. We found some old ruins and asked the locals who told us the story.

          I think the German POW’s realized they were being treated quite well and had several freedoms their counterparts in Europe wouldn’t have enjoyed. They were put to work in either farming or producing goods for the war effort with some camps even allowing micro-breweries. It was also a much better deal to stay put and behave than to be shipped back to the front and shot at.

          I suppose they also figured that if North America was invaded by the Nazi’s, they would already know the lay of the land so they would be an asset to invading forces.

  • When in war one’s common sense isn’t active, especially if said government is caught with it’s pants down.

    We did recognize we did a horrible thing to our own populace, and the government tried to remedy such a act.

    Indeed we had been unjustly pushy, but when crap like the Germans doing cruel inhumane acts, but then “we learned” the Japanese were as vicious…

    [In my own opinion] Right or wrong, the issue here is “FEAR”. Depending on how you cope with it, fear can keep you safe.

  • The US was (ironically) patterning itself against what it though European powers were doing. The theory goes that if you treat your prisoners well, the enemy is more likely to surrender or reciprocate in kind.

    Plus these were mainly US citizens caught up in an extremely bad social climate.

    • To be honest, placing them in in internment camps was for the best. After Pearl Harbor it simply was not safe for any Japanese-American, due to association. At least at the camps they were safe from race related violence and other Asian backgrounds were safe too, due to the fact that all Japanese were rounded up.

      Also Japanese-Americans were not allowed to own land til after the 1930s, IIRC. With stipulations that only Japanese-Americans born on US soil could purchase land. The rest could only rent land for crops & housing. So many families did not have much to lose by moving to the camps anyway.

    • you have to remember that america was fighting the old japan, the japan that kamakazied…

      those mother fuckers may have been drunk, but they supported their nation to that point.

      fighting that spirit… i can see how you can believe sleepers were among those who went to camps.

      if japan had germanys budget, they would have been a far FAR worse threat than hitler ever was.

      old japan were some cold motherfuckers.

      • Actually they did have Hitler’s budget the Imperial Navy was the third largest Navy in the world during WWII.
        At the outbreak of WWII it was the most sophisticated navy in the world.
        They pretty much out classed every one in the Pacific except for the USN.

        • USN was crippled after pearl harbor and even before japanese had rough parity due to better and more advanced equipment and training. USN was not always powerful like it is today. USN shot to pinnacle of power during and after ww2, not before.

        • 02:21

          Got a death wish?

          1104 West Hawthorne St. Arlington, IL.

          Ask for Tony Wilson. Get your mouth here and settle this in person bitch. If you don’t have the balls to show up and just digging for info, you might get a visit if you don’t show up.

        • 09:24 If you promise to show up with me at the station to check it out in person, sure why not? They can give you all the details about the case and also ask your mouthy self why you want to know. I suggest you have an answer ready and get yourself down here, or keep your lips tucked in and scram back to your little hole ^^

        • 17:00

          LOL no I know it hurts because as a bitchy wannabe who mouths off to everyone at the slightest imagined provocation, comes back daily to defend his faggy bitchowned comments and streamposts LOLs like a desperate five year old who needs to convince his little pathetic self he’s not the one squealing on the receiving end shows just how faggy and insecure you are.

          : )

        • 13:43 All I got from this was LOLOLOL I know how corporations are and im so smart. When someone goes the ‘you are juvenile’ you know they think it hurts because they got it a few times when they ran their mouth without thinking twice.

        • 03:35 LOL they heard me. I think the last one’s house got broken into and cops laughed in his face when he tried to convince them he was the victim.

          You really don’t have any idea when not to run your mouth do you?

        • 16:35
          Insecure mouthy retard can’t present a retort and laughably tries to convince himself I’m a kid ^^ and is even deluded enough to attempt to advise against “delusions” nowhere mentioned in the original comment. And lol thinking his infantile wordplay to convince himself hes better takes more than a 5yr old to figure out.

          Keep fantasizing son and just hope asians don’t hear ya on the streets.

        • 13:43 LOL this retard is a good example of what happens when you don’t know anything all the way and half ass your knowledge thinking you know something. You delude yourself thinking you are actually better than the said ‘straw’ while your assets belong to most straw system that you can’t get out of. Don’t get cheeky and think you got something figured out of ‘word mingling’ as if everyone else is supposed to think in your low level of juvenile bitching contest. Think a little outside of your world and quit mouthing off trying hard to ‘analyze’ people online.

          This kid’s pretty obvious XD

        • 12:53

          LOL word mingling sure works wonders when you’re desperate for a straw to base your insecure ego on doesn’t it? America did finance NSDAP in the same way Japanese enterprises are supporting Chinese economy which comes back to bite their ass, being the money-grubbing greedy selves they are. Trying to deny hard facts by mixing concepts and claiming enterprises to be somehow nationless is just laughably juvenile.

        • LOL at 03:02 who thinks america ‘financed’ NSDAP. By that logic, japan is ‘financing’ china to bully its people by setting up business and pouring investment money into china through its corporations.

          Trying to connect private-owned enterprise activities to national priority in a free market economy is stupid as fuck. Money cycles around and around, those businesses did not directly involve themselves as allies of NSDAP, just as many japanese corporations will be loathed to be thought as aiding china’s belligerent stance.

    • lol I love how the Nanking Massacre, the Holocaust, Viet POW torture, attempted genocide of the Kurds, etc mean nothing to an island person, simply because the people in question at one point shared the same ethnic background.

      • These island monkeys are the types who actually believed they were ‘invincible’ because kamikaze saved them from the mongol invasion.

        They were saved by freak of nature, not by their own strength, and they somehow took it as a sign of their abilties. That’s really north korea level of thinking.

        Too bad US showed them how to really wage war. Even with better weapons, better experienced and trained people, and evenly match numbers (official numbers count all non-coms, in terms of boots on the ground and on water, things were even), japan could not prevail against green and fresh trained troops of USMC starting in Guadacanal.

        If you look at these comments, you see how they are trying to convince themselves they lost because ‘we had more things’. Our things only hastened japan’s defeat. Guadacanal showed that america could fight in a greatly disadvantaged position both in training, weapons, and numbers, and still beat japanese completely on even footing. They need to study up on real history before trying to cry themselves to sleep by convincing themselves they lost to thing instead of men, as it really happened.

        • Typically delusional yank with his head in his ass believing in madeup statistics, going as far as to desperately dig up particular instance of a skirmish to convince his little insecure self he’s of a better breed and somehow imagining america had a fair fight at a time when japan had most of its troops entrenched in china, beleaguered on all sides by joint allied forces, getting whopped by russia and on the brink of total economic collapse due to war effort.

          Hypocrite yank needs some sandnigger-style headbaggin to get his delusions cured.

    • Cultural revolution by Mao – around 100 million dead.
      Stalin – pretty much Hitler in red with far more victims.
      Hitler – nothing to say about this.
      Pol Pot – killed half his country.
      Nanking massacre – well yeah.
      Japanese PoW camps with one of the highest death rates of WW 2 – well yeah.
      Japanese experiments upon prisoners that make the Nazis look tame – well yeah.

      And those are just !7! incidents. Japanese people seem to be drama queens. Especially seeing how they did some of the most gruesome and nasty stuff back in the 20th century.

    • bandwagon argument is nonsense . What japs did to chinese has nothing to do with what americans did with japs . Of course to be fair it would be better to be in US concentration camp as japanse than being in Japanese concentration cap as american during that time .

    • Sankaku Complex seems to rely A LOT on opinions generated by an online collective such as 2ch to produce articles such as these. Please note that 2ch is an online web board frequented by MILLIONs of people on a weekly basis. What do they do? Post their opinions about anything and everything. Trolls and pro-Japan nationalists are scattered all over the place, in pretty much the same fashion you’ll find 4chan defensive of anything American.

      The fact that online opinions suddenly constitute journalism is beyond me. You might as well ask other Internet collectives such as 4chan Redit, and Youtube their “take” on this “issue.” Don’t be surprised what they are going to say for the “Japs” in pretty much the same way they said for those damn “Yankees” “Barbarians” or “evil Koreans.”

      Simply put, topics such as these on the Internet tend to bring the worst out of anybody, and don’t have a place in a news site/blog that is supposed to talk about the latest trend/topic/show from Asia. This is old news and its best not brought into debate.

      Also, I wish Sankaku were to re-frame from quoting opinions generated by anonymous 2ch-ers. Opinions generated by anonymous users tend to be nasty and are not worth reading.

      • Sometimes minority comments are not reflective of people as a whole.

        Sometimes, said people are such that minority comments are but a tip of the ice berg that expresses a piece of their real intentions.

        Japan belongs in the latter category. If you are actually a real asian, you would know this/

    • This is the sole reason why Japan is trying to whitewash the Nanking history portion in WW2. Since the Chinese and koreans won’t accept the apology, Japan has to either ignore it or just state one line of history about it. Ask any japanese exchange students about this and you’ll see a giant “?” above their head just like in metal gear.

    • You fucking bigot. I suppose you think German Americans are responsible for the atrocities the Nazi party committed during WWII? Or Muslim Americans for the attacks on 9/11?

      These were American citizens that had their land, their property, and their rights taken from them without any due process. And that’s really all there is to it, end of story. The atrocities that the Japanese military committed has NOTHING to do with this, and it sure as hell doesn’t make Japanese American’s hypocrites.

      This is one of the most embarrassing infringements on the values we supposedly treasure as a nation, and it’s just sickening that there are still people trying to defend it.

      • They did not have their property or lands taken from them. They were allowed to return to their homes after they were released.

        They were also well treated, well cared for and had quite a few liberties while interned. College students were allowed to continue going to campus and, if the need was legit, others could get permission to leave the camp. they just couldn’t stray too far from their designated destination and they had to be back by a certain time.

        Was it a travesty of justice? Most definitely. Was it an “atrocity”? Absolutely not.

        As has been said, it was a different time and the outlook was very different from what it is now. People and governments were being super paranoid because of the war and, sadly, bigotry was a lot more prevalent at the time. This doesn’t excuse what happened, but it does explain some of it.

        • Sorry, but you are wrong about property not being taken. They were rounded up and told to take only those items they could carry. People living in apartments lost all their furniture and anything they could not carry aboard the buses and transports used. People living in houses could not pay their mortgages, and thus lost the houses as the banks repossessed them, meaning they also lost everything IN the houses. Many of the people had viable businesses and ended up losing EVERYTHING as the building owner’s sold their equipment and merchandise because the Japanese businessman was in a camp hundreds of miles from the business and unable to operate it or pay bills.

          They were treat shabbily. Yes, it wasn’t as bad as some countries in the world, but by the standards the US prided itself on they were treated terribly. Notice, that while the Japanese were rounded up (and not a single case of espionage was ever proven), the German citizens were not, and there were many cases of espionage proven against Germans in America. It was simply that the Japanese were easy to see and discriminate against.

      • “These were American citizens that had their land, their property, and their rights taken from them without any due process”

        Actually, no.

        Their land and property was not taken from them. And they were interned with “due process”, only the process at the time was, admittedly, messed up.

        Internees also had a lot more freedom than people think. College students were allowed to continue going to their classes and people could get permission to leave the camp. They just had to make sure that they didn’t wander too far out of their way on the way to and from where they were going, had to have a legitimate reason for leaving the camp and had to be back in the camps by a certain time.

        I don’t condone the actions taken at the time, but as has been said, times were different back then. A less enlightened time when it came to bigotry and a time when paranoia was running rampant because of the war.

        And, based on what other nations were doing at the time, the internment was one of the least offensive “atrocities” to happen during the war.

        Although it could be considered a travesty of justice, people were certainly not being killed or maltreated. They were just being contained.

        You also have to give the US credit for owning up to their mistake. They’ve made a direct, formal apology (although it took a bit too long to do IMO) and, as the article states, have paid over a billion dollars in reparations.

      • First, the people that were interned did not lose their land or property. When they were released, they were allowed to return to their former homes.

        Second, they were afforded due process under the laws of the time.

        Third, while interred, the internees were treated quite well and very well provided for.

        That being said, I don’t agree with the internment process of the day, but that was a much different time. And since then, the US government has lived up to their mistake and, as was pointed out in the article, have paid over a billion dollars in reparations.

        Now, as you say, comparing the Japanese internment to the atrocities performed at that time by other nations does not excuse the action.

        But in comparison the internment, although an embarrassing piece of american history, is nowhere near as bad as other things that had and were happening across the world at the time.

      • background deal that would put such knowledge into right hands who could develop countermeasures.

        knowledge is knowledge. US did nothing wrong in using these scientists for their own ends, basically turning their dirty knowledge into a weapon against such atrocities and using medical knowledge gained from them to ensure CDC and G2 knew exactly how to act in order to spare pain and develop medicine and vaccine instead of poison.

        Idiots who naively think and take in only face-value facts need to understand deeper implications behind actions of a nation state.

    • regardless of the victim. it happened in the past. if it is ongoing to this day, then yes it is a problem.

      and why the hell are the “victim” japanese in these pictures celebrating or is that just me?

      • Definitely agree, but you can’t help but notice that the American treatment of this– a formal apology, tons of reparations, and teaching schoolchildren how horrible the internment camps were– is a huge difference from Japanese treatment of their atrocities– denial that it happened, removal of all references from textbooks, and blaming the victims for “agreeing” to be comfort women.

        It makes one a lot easier to forgive than another…

        • Yes or no.

          The war actually lasted a while and it’s not that soldiers on both sides immediately surrendered because they thought they would be better off in POW camps. Crude comparisons are crude.

      • im here at euro, have a chinese co-worker, met his grandfather, grandpa told me story how his father and 2 sisters got raped and killed and how he and his mom got out of nanking, oldman still hold a grudge abd this was like 3 or 4 years ago!

        • Nanking was an atrocity from Japan and I wont deny that, but Japan weren’t the only dicks. The communists and republicans agreed to fight together but the communist party wanted the republican party to be destroyed so they didn’t show up to help defend the biggest city in China.
          The republicans, when they heard of this, burned every single scrap of useful land and demolished as much buildings as possible before fleeing, leaving the civilians to fend for themselves.
          Then when the Japanese arrived and seen that the city was worthless, let their soldiers completely loose on it. All dicks. Japan did the worse damage, but all dicks.
          The Chinese government and Taiwanese government still owe the people of Nanking an apology. Japan gave one, even if some right-wingers deny it, the sane ones did apologise.

        • How should they compensate? They paid South Korea money, and suggested they pay money to all individual victims. South Korean goverment wanted to use the money to build up the country and that’s where they went. Think it was only some years ago this was revealed to the South Korean public.

          Furthermore, China and Taiwan refused monitary compensation.

          As far as the Yasukuni shrine goes, people seem to forget that there are normal soldiers and other people there too. Just as in my cemetary back home, there’s a rapist buried, now that shouldn’t stop me from visiting.

          I’m not saying Japan is in the clear, we all know what they did and it was freakishly horrible.

        • @01:24 Definitely true, and Korean and Chinese politicians have brought up the Japanese atrocities purely to rally citizens behind them, as a rather tasteless hatemongering political move to make themselves more relevant.

          But while prime ministers have been decent about addressing the atrocities, it’s still rather problematic that the Japanese government and people continue to deny this stuff ever happened e.g. textbook revisionism, censoring of works that detail Nanking, insisting that Korean comfort women were willing prostitutes, etc. It’d sort of be like if much of the American public, despite the government’s apologies for internment, generally agreed that internment didn’t really happen or wasn’t a big deal, and schools never taught children that yes, America too screwed up big time in terms of human rights.

        • Time heals those wounds; the people who remember will eventually die.

          This is well understood by every government in the world. It’s what Japan is using here, it’s what the US is using for its Asian interference, it’s what both Koreas are using with respects to its unified history, and it’s what China is using with respect to Tibet.

          But perhaps it is best for humanity. We’re terrible at making effort happen and these issues take years worth of research to arrive at any passably neutral, informed conclusion. Maybe it’s just best that we bury everything under secrets…

        • These vague Japanese apologies are actually non-apologies. They’re apologizing for the war-dead in general, at the same time denying specific atrocities like Rape of Nanking ever happened.

          It’s as if the US apologies for Japanese killed, yet deny dropping the atomic bombs.

          These aren’t apologies, they’re rubbing it into victim’s wounds.

          Why should your friend’s grandfather accept their non-apology when his family died at Nanking, and they deny it ever happened?

        • I honestly wouldn’t blame the countries and their people who were wronged by Japan for not accepting the apology. The atrocities of war run deep and through many generations. It’s hard to forget.
          Regardless, I don’t think these photos highlight what the Japanese would like them to highlight. These photos don’t make the camps out to be the worst places in the world that text books and other historians would like people to believe. Maybe that’s because you wouldn’t expect prisoners to be smiling?
          Personally I like the family in the American fashion. They’re really cute.

        • Of course it was a traumatic and horrible thing that was done, and not easy to forget, holding a grudge against people who had no control of those other peoples action, or were not even born yet is not beneficial to anyone, though it may be self destructive.

          Most of the people who ordered or participated in that massacre are probably dead already.

        • Not surprised he’d hold a grudge. That’s pretty damn traumatizing. Forgiveness has to go both ways and the Japanese still haven’t even admitted, let alone apologize and compensate for it.

          They say time heals all wounds, but there are some wounds that are just too severe to heal by time alone. Especially within a lifetime.

        • Of course the people who were injured by these atrocities are angry.

          But they’re only going to be as happy as they want to be and being angry at the japanese seems to do it for them. There is no point for the Japanese to continue apologizing.

          The politicians on all sides are simply using the tragedy of these people for their own advantage.

    • I think it was the worst treatment any group has been given in the last 100 years by America, blacks have nothing on these people having all of their land and property taken away.

      Now before 100 years ago? Yea, then blacks have a case from the 19th century, but not in the last 100 years. And those from the internment camps don’t still complain about the inequality. Lots of blacks don’t complain anymore either, but there are too many that do.

      • There may not have been as much “concentrated” infringement as the Japanese-Americans experienced during WW2, but blacks haven’t had a cakewalk in the last 100 years, either. The Tuskeegee experiment was already mentioned, but there was also:

        * Jim Crow laws and widespread segregation of public institutions and facilities
        * Oldschool voter suppression (poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses to spare undereducated whites from the same suppression)
        * Violent suppression of mostly-peaceful demonstrations
        * Skewed cocaine/crack sentencing laws leading to disproportionate black incarceration rates during the “War on Drugs” from the 1980s to the present
        * “Schools to Prison” pipelines in inner-city or otherwise disadvantaged schools, increasing the incarceration rates to the point where more black males are in prison today than were enslaved in 1850. (Granted, higher population, but still)
        * Newschool voter suppression in the last ~15 years or so, including ID requirements and overly-broad/erroneous voter-roll purges, which likely cost Al Gore the state of Florida and thus the election in 2000.

      • Please look up “The Tuskegee Experiment”. I know it’s a little difficult to compare forced confinement against secretly being infected with syphilis, but I know which I’d consider worse. >_>;

      • That’s a hard case to make when you consider the first twenty years of the 20th century (1900-1920). Consider treatment of Mexican-Americans in the southwest, Irish-Americans prior to WWI, and Native Americans pretty much anywhere they were.

        Also remember that for most of the 20th century blacks particularly in the south were still second-class citizens–civil rights wasn’t until the 60’s, and in the early part of the century especially they were marginalized in half the country.

        In retrospect, I think we just started the most ridiculously stupid pissing contest in all the world… >_>;

      • They were never lynched on the streets like blacks were… That existed until less than 100 years ago, btw.

        These “concentration camps” were barely worthy of notice at all, much less 100 bil reparations.

      • I doubt the majority of them even owned land. In the early 20th century Japanese could not own land in most, if not all states. And the ones that could had to be born on US soil. There were lots of discrimination against Japanese immigrants because they worked for nearly nothing. As most were poor farmers escaping Japan’s harsh caste system. The term “strawberry pickers” was ofttimes associated with early Japanese immigrants, as that was all many could do. And did, as they worked for far less than anyone else was willing to do. Basically, they were the illegal immigrants of the early 20th century.

  • This is pretty much a non issue, except for the ridiculous reactionary comments.

    The pictures do make the internment camps look like club med.

    While their confinement was unjust, they did fare much better than other groups did in other countries.

    The mind set of America was different, which made them believe this kind of confinement was justified. And it’s much harder to differentiate between different types of people of European decent, than whites vs Asians.

    “You can’t compare POWs to civilians!”

    Why not? Aren’t they both human, and should be treated humanly?

    • It’s easy in hindsight. But the concept of the Fifth Column was fresh from the Spanish Civil War. Hindsight is always 20/20 but then we don’t know if more sabotage could not have happened if more Japanese spies were not able to disrupt USA.

      I’m not American BTW.

    • Look at it this way. US was unscathed throughout WW2. The fighting was in someone else’s house so to speak. It isn’t surprising that they were doing well in supplies.

      Nevertheless, it is a fact that the US treated the unjustly imprisoned better than they’re peers.

      • Always the same tired excuse of ‘they had more THIINNGNGNGS’

        War has shown that men, not things, win wars. America supplied the huge army of KMT with weapons and supplies, yet KMT lost to communists because they were simply not good enough men. In comparison, america has a history of winning battles beginning from the war of independence from an underdog position.

        The myth that american industry was helping US from the moment war was declared is a convenient excuse of the defeated losers. It takes at least a year or two for US industries to be even ready to produce things, never mind those supplies need to actually reach their destination through swarms of U boats and half way round the world. America was fighting and winning on fair terms in pacific (read: guadanacal from reputable sources i.e. not wikipedia) before the full might of its industries began to produce results towards the beginning of 1943, and more than 60% of THAT went to europe due to europe first policy.

        • 09:00

          Trying hard to convince yourself I see.

          I don’t recall NVA rolling into and conquering South Vietnam when US army was present in force, only after we officially left. Unlike you brits who caved like a bitch and signed a document of surrender.

          Read some real history about the War of Independence and you might learn some real facts.

        • 16:34

          Deft rounding up every minuscule detail huh? “lands were smaller” – like any of that matters in war. How about comparing wanker sizes?
          “overall outnumbering colonialists for the majority of the war” – ignorance at its finest. Do they teach you that stuff in history?
          “official surrender” – we were pressured by every other nation in europe. Remember all your excuses you like using for Vietnam? We had it worse, and not just from domestic sources.

          Dumbass american nationalists outta go learn some real history.

        • 07:31

          Having greater resources and industrial base to wage war, with world’s biggest navy and merchant fleet, and yet still you were surrounded and officially surrendered against a bunch of farmer-turned militia whose lands were smaller, had little to no money or industrial base in comparison, on a land supposedly part of its empire.

          Even with divided armies, british were overall outnumbering colonialists for the majority of the war. It does nothing to explain how they could have lost each time and gained nothing in return for all their dead while US emerged stronger each time around.

        • “‘War of Independence’, look it up. War of 1812 was a stalemate, but there is no denying in each of those occasions we fought the strongest empire then and prevailed on our own soil.”

          Go tell any Brit that among all those other “America fucking owns” stories, we’ll laugh in your face.

          You fought on your soil, when we had to ship in reinforcement from across the ocean, at a time when all our colonies were in turmoil and our best troops were divided to contend with conflict elsewhere. Not saying people didn’t fight well, just that yanks aren’t badass spartans you’re imagining and getting nationalist and arrogant about.

        • 03:07

          LOL someone can’t read. NOT WIKIPEDIA. Compare combatants instead of non-coms. Also, japanese love to understate their numbers while over inflating the enemies, always waging war while dragging their dead away as if to hide their embarrassing bed sheet after pissing it over night. Thus, they try to claim every victory as ‘overwhelming bravery in face of greatest odds EVER’ and every defeat as ‘COWARDLY ENEMY HAD MORE PEOPLE/THINGS THAN US’. Why did they drag off their survivors from midway into ‘special hospitals’ so they can’t tell other people how badly they were beaten from a superior training/equipment position?

          It’s called war and propaganda tactics. Japanese units were some of the best they had, veterans of chinese conflicts. Ours was fresh trained, green troops for whom many has never set a foot outside US.

          ‘War of Independence’, look it up. War of 1812 was a stalemate, but there is no denying in each of those occasions we fought the strongest empire then and prevailed on our own soil. Vietnam veterans were hamstrung by incompetent politicians who sent soldiers into a conflict they did not have the political know-how to back it up. Our men killed far more enemies than they like to admit: if this was not the case, why did ho chi minh say ‘you may kill ten of mine for one of yours…’?

        • >>america has a history of winning battles beginning from the war of independence from an underdog position.

          For example?

          >>War has shown that men, not things, win wars.

          Tell that to, I dunno, Vietnam veterans. That they weren’t good enough.
          Though I’ll admit that was as much as a training/internal fail as a aviation-can’t-bomb-real-targets thing.

          >>America was fighting and winning on fair terms in pacific (read: guadanacal from reputable sources i.e. not wikipedia)

          Uhm… In Guadalcanal the USA had quite the personnel advantage (in the end almost 2 to 1 ratio), and for most of the time the sea was more in american hands.

      • Ignoring attacks on Hawaii and the Alaskan islands(where the Japanese actually made landfall and stayed for months), as well as Pacific territories (including the Phillipines at the time), they admittedly had a poor showing in attacking the mainland itself. Not that they didn’t try.

        February 3rd, 1942: A Japanese Submarine lobs a few explosive shells at the Ellwood oil production facilities near Santa Barbara, California in hopes of causing mass destruction. A pump house and a catwalk are damaged. Whoever was in charge of aiming the weapons on the sub was probably demoted.

        June 20th, 1942: Another Japanese Submarine surfaces just off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and Chief Gunner Hashiro Hayashi begins to fire 5.5” (that is, really big) shells at the Estevan Point Lighthouse. He misses his target entirely and fails to achieve any noteable damage to infrastructure.

        June 21st- 22nd, 1942: A third sub surfaces near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington and, in an unprecedented move, becomes the only sub to open fire at an American military installation during the war when it engages Fort Stevens. Unfortunately, the sub’s aim is off a little (in keeping with the developing pattern) and manages only to damage the backstop of a nearby baseball field.

        September 9th, 1942: A new strategy is implemented wherein a Yukosuka E14Y Seaplane is launched from atop a Japanese submarine, where it proceeds to fly over the forests of Oregon, dropping bombs and, hopefully, starting massive and uncontrollable forest fires. The first part of the task is a complete success. The plane is launched, the bomb is dropped, and a fire is started. A few Americans witness the event and respond quickly to the scene of the explosion, and with some help from some local firemen, the fire is put out by the following morning. While two bombs were apparently dropped on Oregon, there has never been any trace of a second bomb.

        November 1944 – April 1945: The bright idea is hatched somewhere in the military that it might be a good idea to launch some “fire balloons” at the United States. These balloons would be carried by high into the air, where they would be picked up by trade winds to the United States. Eventually, they would fall from the air and explode on impact, hopefully causing some forest fires (much like the previous fire-bombing attempt).

        Unfortunately, it is in this attempt that the Japanese achieved their only measure of success. The only deaths caused on the American mainland by the Japanese occurred when six people were killed, five of whom were children, when one of these balloons was found in a tree near Bly, Oregon, and exploded when it was being pulled down.

        • 06:37

          This is what naive modern idiots see when they think those people with flashy funny uniforms fought like ‘gentlemen’. How naive can you get?

          Case in point: Amongst people whose signatures are on the original Declaration of Independence, half were either imprisoned, tortured, or executed.

          Just because modern day media depicts those wars like posh affairs does not mean they were. Many figures never fully accounted for civilian collateral damage, and record keeping was shoddy. If anything, the warfare back than were worse since large amount of pillaging and looting were still accepted as facet of war and any unfortunate ‘events’ are written off as fact of war.

          The soft and seemingly gentle words describing events at those times were written by upper class ‘gentlemen’. War were waged by ‘lower class’ workers and farmers. They had little scruples. You sound really stupid to think they were easy in any way. Typical modern day idiots who think their impression defines history.

          America has known the destructiveness of war plenty of times. It just doesn’t dwell over it and whack off to the thought of having special bitching privileges unlike certain other countries who thinks having been fucked over is a point of pride.

        • 23:53

          The civil war was pretty destructive, but it was waged by americans on american soil, and people learned to recuperate and be bros again quickly after the infighting ended. What the original comment was trying to say is that the average present-day american has no clue what it’s like to have been invaded by a foreign force, or undergo the horrors of a forced occupation. Although america did encounter territorial conflicts with Britain and Mexico, they were tame and petty compared to what most european and asian nations experienced in recent times.

        • 01:22

          None of which were invasion wars (Mexicans barely touched Texas), not to mention Britain was preoccupied with stuff in Europe to actually take the US seriously in the 2years to the point it’s barely mentioned in history books. America was purely built over infighting, and when all the domestic violence was done americans decided to take aggression elsewhere.

          Overall 23:36 has a good point.

        • 23:36


          Civil war, the most destructive early modern warfare even before ww1? Two wars fought on US soil against british? Mexican/American war? How about revolutionary war itself?

          You are delusional if you think US has no experience fighting on its own soil. This is a nation that was born out of nothing and was built PURELY BY fighting on its own land.

          I love it when fuckers with no historical knowledge go around talking out of their ass.

        • Uh, not to disagree, and you certainly are right that it hasn’t known the destruction of war here recently but… the civil war was pretty darn bloody and was right here in our own back yards. So please don’t say ‘never’ when you say such things. How about ‘not in recent memory’? Although I’m old enough that I had a great grandparent who recalled the civil war as a child at the time. So not that far removed.

        • Mainland America has never known the destruction of war. That is why we allow the runaway military industrial complex to wage extremely expensive and unnecessary (though hugely profitable) wars in other countries.

          All the other countries of the world shun war and work to avoid it, while the US goes to other countries to seek it out.

          If your house was destroyed, your family and friends killed, your town flattened, just so some government could play with their deadly toys, you wouldn’t think war was so glorious.

        • Not really, the Japanese rigged up weather balloons with explosives to ride the pacific air stream. It was an indiscriminate a attack method, as the bombs made to distinction between civilian & military targets. When it finally struck something, kaboom! And a large number of them reached the western coast, but the damages were minimal.

          So yes, the United States Mainland was attacked by Japanese. Just not in the traditional way you’d expect. [Honestly it sounds more like something Chinese would think up.]

  • There’s an interesting thing most don’t know about these camps. The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional to do this if it was deemed to be in the best interest for the security of the country. Thus, its ok to be extremely racist and violate an entire group’s rights for the greater good of all the other groups. This was never overturned or anything. So theoretically, we could ‘constitutionally’ do this again with another race, such as Arab-Americans today. Highly unlikely it’ll ever happen in today’s hyper pc world, but if the Tea Party ever gets in power…yeeeeesh it’d be nasty.

  • Well they certainly seem to be treated quite well for a concentration camp.

    The one distinction I would make however is that Japan’s concentration camps housed enemy POWs.

    While America did this to its own citizens, I kinda doubt enemy POWs would be treated so leniently.

    Even in today’s world where you’d think our standards would be higher, America still engages in torture.

  • Is Artefact a Jew by any chance?

    Quoting from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 5:5 —

    5. FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong – there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.

    • LOL

      ‘concentration camp’ is a loaded term to compare japanese internment to holocaust, a cheap political ploy by those who still have the mouth to bitch because they were not actually in one. These are in no way extermination camps – where are the gas chambers? Where are the live cremation pits? Where are the prison uniforms barely made of clothe rather than paper?

      Japanese should count their blessings they were in America, not other countries. Fuck other people’s bitching mouths facts say we show a degree of restraint as situation warrants.

      • These were American citizens that had their land, their property, and their rights taken from them without any due process. And that’s really all there is to it, end of story.

        This is one of the most embarrassing infringements on the values we supposedly treasure as a nation, and it’s just sickening that there are still people trying to defend it.

        • Outright claiming immigrants as hypocrites puts a pretty good label on what you are. And thinking “minority societies” as products of their own “superiority” is so fucking retarded it apparently explains your logic.

          Honestly, just get out of our country.

        • Fuck off. Just because they were given papers doesn’t excuse the fact that many of them did harbor racial and divisive attitudes that caused them to gather together in little towns and enclaves of their own much more exclusively then other races. You are fucking blind if you think only one race is responsible for social division based on race. It takes two to tango.

          Many japanese were more sympathetic to their blood than their words of ‘loyalty’, no matter what they say. It is amusing how they go back to hiding behind human rights and protection of US citizenship while they bitch and moan about the very thing that allowed their lifestyles behind closed doors and private conversations. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you obviously don’t know the reality of immigrants.

          Hypocrites of this degree have no business in any countries. They should be glad they weren’t treated like how stalin treated their unwanted ethnicities, shipping them off to the mines and siberian railroads for forced labor with the added intention of making most use out of them while letting cold and frost kill them off.

    • I don’t remember the US killing everyone it got it’s hands on. Guess they left that part out of the history books. Or maybe it didn’t happen, and therefore it’s not the “exact same thing.”

      Comparing forced imprisonment to genocide is a little foolish, wouldn’t you way?

    • In no way was what the United States did to Japanese-Americans at all “the exact same thing” as Germany did to Jews during the Holocaust. That comparison is retarded. And no one “forgot” about the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. As the article itself said, the United States formally apologized for the internment in the 80s and has paid out over a billion dollars in reparations. Still waiting on the Japanese apology for the rape of Nanking and it’s treatment of prisoners during WWII…

    • Sorry, but America did not “do the exact same thing” to Japanese-Americans as Germany did to the Jews during the Holocaust. That comparison is fucking retarded. And no one “forgot” about the Japanese internment camps. As the article itself pointed out, the United States formally apologized in the 80s for it’s treatment of Japanese-American citizens and has paid out over a billion dollars in reparations.

    • It’s important not to forget history, but it was done by a generation mostly gone (and likely not represented here on this forum), and the government has already payed out billions in reparation over a decade ago. Remember the history and learn not to repeat it, but don’t dwell on it–the sins of the father do not apply to the child.

      • They do when they are told to pretend the sins never happened. More importantly, with enough misdirection you can arrive at exactly the same mentality as before, with the same willingness to commit the same mistakes as the past.