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AKB48 Girl “Frantically Washed Hand After Otaku Handshake”


The creepiness of AKB48 fans appears to be too much even for the long-suffering AKB48 members themselves, amidst reports that one of the poor maidens suffered a handshake so suspicious she had to run off and scrub the soiled extremity as soon as she could.

According to one of the assistants working at the events, the strain of choosing to shake hands with their depraved fans with only bags of money to console themselves with has taken its toll on these fragile little flowers:

“Of course, most of the fans are normal and encourage them, but some take haughty attitudes and try to treat the girls at the events like their girlfriends.

At a recent handshaking event I came across one of these poor girls after she had met a particularly creepy fan who had rushed into a backyard as soon as her break came, and was frantically scrubbing her hands with a demonic expression on her face.”

There is sadly not too much doubt over the kind of experience which prompted this otherwise grossly disrespectful concern with personal hygiene.

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