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Gothic Lolita Mizuki Nana – “So Old She Ought To Retire”


Singer seiyuu Nana Mizuki’s cosplay prowess has been highlighted with her latest appearance in no less than the Gothic & Lolita Bible, where she gamely shows off her “Lolita Sailor” and “Gothic Vampire” outfits – both choices which seem to have simultaneously inflamed both the passion and opprobrium of seiyuu otaku.


Her regal king and queen cosplays have also been seen gracing prominent Tokyo station billboards in recent weeks:


However, the creepy otaku demographic appears to have been out in force to counter this shameful display of a woman over the age of 20 in public:

“Grotesque lolita.”

“Ultra-thick makeup and complete Photoshop. Even then she still looks like an old woman.”

“It’s OK like that, as long as you never have to meet her.”

“Her face just looks that of some old bag.”

“Give it up!”

“She looks like a doll.”

“Cosplaying in your thirties – disgraceful.”

“She’ll still be at it when she’s in her forties.”

“This magazine is for Visual Kei fangirls so it’s hard to see why she’s in there…”

“How old is she anyway?”

“Get out of it you old hag!”

“Marry me, you old hag!”

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