Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls


Tokyo police have conducted major raids on “schoolgirl observation clubs” in the capital, arresting staff for violating labour laws and taking 32 schoolgirls into custody.

Tokyo police report raiding 4 establishments run as “high school girl observation clubs,” in which schoolgirls of various ages were made to “work” in their uniforms in individual booths whilst patrons observed them through a one-way mirror with the intent of catching a glimpse of their pantsu.

The 49-year-old manager of “JK Dream” was arrested along with an employee on charges of making minors work in hazardous conditions (apparently there is no actual law against running these establishments).

He admits the charges, saying “I thought we would get busted any day now.” He also admits to checking their student IDs to confirm they were in fact real schoolgirls.


They also confiscated one-way mirrors and took 32 girls into protective custody.

The establishments are thought to have directly employed some 80 schoolgirls in total, some as young as 16, who worked for a distinctly ungenerous hourly wage of about ¥900. They apparently had several hundred schoolgirls registered as employees.

Customers paid a base rate of ¥3,000 per half hour, with extra payments if they wished to see the girls do anything more interesting than sit around reading manga and snacking.

In one case they solicited customers with the promise that “if you want to draw girls without being thought a suspicious person, come to us!”

Police say there has been an increase in the number of these establishments, with there now being as many as 10 clubs for the observation of schoolgirls in Tokyo alone.

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