Miku iTunes Number 1 – “Our Angel is Finally Number One!”


Hatsune Miku fans are rejoicing at the news that Miku has seized the top spot in the iTunes charts with her latest single.

The single in question, Livetune’s “Tell Your World,” came to prominence in Google’s recent Chrome campaign, having been chosen for their soundtrack.

The video:

The tune subsequently managed to do extremely well, seizing the top spot on iTunes Japan and generating excessive amounts of 5 star reviews:



This marks her first domination of iTunes (although she has had various other chart domination events), an event which has caused much excitement amongst her fans:

“Miku is number one!”

“As expected of Miku-san!”

“Well done Miku, you finally got a number 1 single!”

“Let me just get my iTunes card out…”

“I ordered the CD!”

“Music charts are totally meaningless these days…”

“Miku-san’s an angel, in fact she’s more than angel, she’s a goddess! You all think so too, right!”

The fact that she has apparently chosen to forgo underwear for her appearance seems to have escaped comment…

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