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AKB48 Rage at “Moral Collapse” of Idol Otaku


Members of top idol group AKB48 have been complaining bitterly of outrageous mistreatment at the hands of the creepy otaku they gouge into attending handshaking events, with many such fans apparently making obscene and degrading remarks to idols who are in most cases mere schoolgirls.

AKB48 admonishes fans to be more civil in an official statement:

Recently we have been hearing of trouble at events; some have been making fun of the members, saying nasty things to them, or even frightening them with toy cockroaches.

AKB48 members try their hardest each day to attain their dreams, and we hold handshaking
These handshaking events aren’t held so the idols can hold back their tears and smile to fans as they say horrible things to them.

Most of our members have no social experience and are just middle or high school girls. They may not know how to interpret some of the things adults say as jokes in many cases.

AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto recounts her distress:

I want to enjoy shaking the hands of plenty of fans.

So please, take care to display proper manners. I may be an idol, but I am a human being too.

You can’t just do what you like to me, you know? I won’t just smile at you as you say and do anything, you know? Person to person is the idea, yes? Sayaka wants you to think about that, yes?

Various other members make similarly angry complaints about fan behaviour.

Toy cockroaches are actually the least of their worries – according to fans present, Tomomi Kasai was forced to endure fans telling her the following:

“I jacked off this morning before I came to see you!”

“I Tomonanised earlier!”

“So you’re wearing pink underwear today again?”

“Tomomi, your body is looking as sexy as ever!”

“Say ‘Oh! It came out!’ whilst doing this [gesturing as if holding a penis] please!”

For those not familiar with the business model of such idols, handshaking events typically involve dedicated fans paying significant amounts (whether directly or indirectly by being forced to buy multiple copies of the same CD to obtain a complete ticket) to queue and briefly meet the object of their obsessions, shaking their hand and perhaps posing for a picture.

In many cases a burly minder actually stands behind the creepy otaku with his hand on the subject’s shoulder to ensure he does not damage the merchandise:


Whilst the creepiness of idol followers is already notorious, there is a distinct lack of sympathy for the idols who deliberately encourage their obsessive tendencies for their own profit:

“What a handsome lot!”

“What are those guys holding their shoulders doing?”

“It reminds me of someone holding two rutting dogs together.”

“You’d expect this sort of thing, I’d think?”

“Shut up, prostitutes.”

“They’ve quite a nerve, lecturing fans about morals whilst forcing them to buy multiple copies of CDs to meet them.”

“Seems a lot of people don’t even like the girls they go to see now. People like you guys.”

“What on earth are people who do that stuff thinking?”

“Didn’t you make these customers yourselves?”

“What do you expect from AKB fans?”

“If your business is milking idiots and weirdos, don’t complain when they actually show up.”

“Idols are just for onanising over, don’t they realise that?”

“The only moral collapse here is in your sales methods.”

“Just ban the weirdos.”

“If they did that, most of their customers would disappear.”

“Bringing a toy cockroach is probably a result of not having met a woman since elementary school, and not having progressed from there.”

“If you don’t like it, quit. There are 47 replacements for you.”

“Why would fans say those things to them?”

“There is a section of their fans which thinks of them more as hostesses than idols.”

“Don’t they just want their favourite idol to remember them by doing something outrageous?”

“Given that they treat their customers as tools for extracting money from, I can’t see what right they have to complain at this treatment.”

“Just quit holding these events – oh, sorry, that would wreck your CD sales!”

“They pays their money, they does as they please.”

“Gathering all these social rejects, what do they expect?”

“What about the people using these children to make money off them?”

“They should do some training with hostesses as to how to better serve their customers.”

“Popular vs unpopular guests:”


“If AKB48 had any morals themselves they wouldn’t be using those tactics to exploit these freaks.”

“It’s actually a perfect match.”

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  • I’d say the one big screw up here is the damn “buy the most merchandise = the bigger the chance of meeting your favorite idol!” system – because 90% of the time only the most extreme nutjobs are the ones with the insane nerve to actually spend millions upon millions JUST so they can win the chance of attending these handshaking events.

    It’s like a reverse sieve: they’re flawlessly collecting the worst possible kind of crap out of their fanbase to attend these events.

    …At the expense of mere children.

    – Brb, gotta get my faith in humanity to stop violently smashing it’s face against the wall again.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I was one of these girls I would 1st kicked the guy in his nuts. Then wipe his nastiness back on his face before I scrub my hands and leave the event. The promoters/managers could kiss my sweet little ass after that.
    I would wear gloves and use earplugs for the next event and mace any guy who tried to cross the table to grab me. Just saying..

  • i feel bad for the girls…but if you guys actually read the full blog from Sayaka, she actually handled the situation like a real boss~ i don’t know if this happen at alot of akb event or only this one though…the one i went too have alot of kids, girls and university students and people were being pretty nice to the girls.

  • It’s very simple. AKB48 is just at fault here. You can’t blame the idols all the time its more like the organizers of the events need to be blamed. Their security sucks and they should expect something. But I also understand that the otaku fans shouldn’t be treating the idols like shit. Do you know what its like for idols? Sure its a vicious competition of stepping on your competitors, but because the competition is so high that some idols who are mostly unknown sometimes have to rely on events like handshaking to gain popularity. It’s a horrible cycle. The fans can treat them like crap if they so please and the idols are trapped and forced to go along with the organizers even if they know how bad it gets because sometimes there just no choice but to do so in order to gain popularity. Personally it disgusts me on how AKB48 and some other talent agencies totally don’t look out for the well being of these girls. They are complaining about the fans when they themselves already knew the outcome yet just sat back and didn’t bother to up the security measures.

  • These Otakus are crazy but the idol makers know that already. How else can you make so much money? Telling the otakus to behave is like asking the idol makers not to take in as much yen as they can… Not gonna happen…

  • This really sad and disgusting. But why isolate just the guys acting like this? Then again, there used to be days in America’s history where idols went through the same shit, people trampling over each other, chasing idols down until they locked the doors on their cars.

    There creepy ass men and women need to calm the hell down and at least have some kind of manners. Then again, when their time in the spotlight is over, what will they have to reflect on? Shit like this and wishing the led a different life, but then again if it wasn’t this, it was probably going to be obsessing over some rich idol trying to ride his coattails.

  • I have a picture of me plus + an idol group (not AKB48, a different group), and they are all sitting on the edges of their seats away from me too. I was really polite and dressed nice too.
    I died a little inside when I got the pic back… ;_;

  • Like it or not these fat otakus pays the wages of these idols, shaking the hands leaves them disgust exit off the job!!

    If ordinary Japanese are already demanding imagine these idols at the top?
    They’ll just want to hug pop and movie star?

    After the picture of chubby, pic 005 seems funny to think that she will run off the guy rsrrsrsr

    WHAT is not made these days for cash

  • Yeah, that’s not cool. You’re meeting the idols you love, don’t creep them out. You want them to think of you as a cool person. When I meet voice actors at cons, I don’t tell them I jack off to their characters while imagining their voice. No way in Hell.

  • Or most likely they get paid to say such things, There is a possibility that they are many organizations(such as anti-pornography, extreme-moralist, and etc…) putting persuasion on other companies on their own biddings.

  • Yes the guys are tremendous crazy,but idols receive lots of money of fools like these..
    Pay the entire salary buying all sorts of junk that they sell
    Part of idol work is self- promoting and if the situation is so repulsive, running behind a large glass partition..

    More dumb are these guys who think buying boxes and boxes of DVDs entitled to something…
    Are the ones who dirty the reputation of those who like anime

  • It’s true that their business methods are exploitative, but that’s not an excuse. I really don’t get how these crazy fanatic otaku get so bad. Back when she first came out I was obsessed with Britney Spears (‘s body, not her terrible music), but it never occurred to me that I’d throw fake cockroaches or verbally abuse her in a meet and greet like this. I shudder when I hear the word “morals” because of the type of people who normally use that concept as a weapon, but something’s definitely wrong with these people.

  • It’s actually a bit harsh to put all the blame on the idol otaku. As creepy as they might be, I don’t deny this part, it’s not really the kind of things they might do… (except to a girl involved in a scandal of some sort… But well, she kind of deserves it then…XD)

    Just going to a AKB48 handshake event would convince you that the majority of people attending it aren’t the creepy idol otaku type anymore… Sadly… Now it’s more like a bunch of high-schoolers with strange Johnny’s-like hairstyles, just following the whole AKB and Idol craze there is in Japan right now and not really caring neither for the group and its music, nor for the girls. Just look back when AKB weren’t that popular, or to other more shady idol groups, there weren’t these kind of issues…

    Instead “Creepy otaku” are having a hard time keeping the girls for them when each event is infested by those idiots doing stupid things… I’m actually an idol fan myself, and believe me, I treasure these meetings too much to waste it by being mean with the girls… (and that’s what pretty much every “real” fan think)

  • “typically involve dedicated fans paying significant amounts (whether directly or indirectly by being forced to buy multiple copies of the same CD to obtain a complete ticket) to queue and briefly meet the object of their obsessions, shaking their hand and perhaps posing for a picture.”

    and they’re actually surprised these guys aren’t normal?

    At somepoint normal people draw the line and walk away,lol

  • And people call ME socially retarded. 😛

    It’s really simple. If you meet an idol, you go up to them and TREAT THEM LIKE A HUMAN BEING. Would YOU like if it some random hambeast walked up to you, shook your hand, and told you she’d masturbated while thinking of you this morning and wishes you had a larger dick? No. So why the hell would anyone consider it socially acceptable to do half this crap? I’ve seen elementary school children with better manners.

    And this is coming from someone who’s not only met a few Japanese idols and North American porn stars in his day, but who’s also managed to ask both an actress as well as an import model out for dinner without horrendously embarrassing them, pissing them off, or being hauled away by security goons. 😛

  • For a society that prides itself on its morals [from an outsiders view anyhow] it seems strange that this is allowed to carry on, irrespective of how much you buy to meet the idol, you do not `buy` her, just the privilege to be in her company for however brief the encounter. How long will it be before we read of a stabbing or such like?

    I am a fan of sexy ladies too, but it doesn`t mean that I have to act like an animal in their company does it?

    • More like, you stand in line all day just so you can have some random man hug you while you shake hands with a manufactured ‘idol’ who has shaken hands with hundreds of other people that day, and doesn’t care who you are, but will exploit you to keep you buying CDs anyway. Worse yet, these girls can’t even sing or dance particularly well, but try to act cute as a group, hoping you won’t notice.

      It’s not really the girls fault, so much as it is that of the organizations who put groups like this together. They’re exploiting the girls, but even more so the otaku who are spending their money on these false relationships. If actions like these discourage such exploitative schemes, then they can’t be all bad.

  • Ha this sounds like a case of real-life trolling. Do these people even try to be polite? nasty, ugly, fat people making disgusting perverted comments to schoolgirls. talk about sexual harassment. this is as bad as netorare. I bet the girls sanitize their hands as much as they can. I mean after a while it would get all sweaty and might smell.

    ew at picture 2. dude, give the guy some space and stop humping him. he is trying to flirt a little before the handshake is done. it’s going to be a slow handshake.

    • One thing that doesn’t get much screen time on this site is the fact that there are male idol groups that go through the same thing. Japan in general has all sorts of shady obsessed people from both sexes.

      And the girls think they can get away with more, so they do some crazy, scary shit to these guys. And because they are guys it seems to be assumed that they’ll need less security, so sometimes things don’t end well.

      Johnny’s and Associates starts training their idols at a really young age in a variety of skills that would put any host club to shame. And from their debut onwards they are treated like pieces of meat until they are too old. Then the next batch of boys comes in, and if you think youth is only favored in women you’ll be sadly mistaken.

        • Gackt about a female groper on a train:

          “Molesters are fine if it’s a guy. If they touch me I can just hit them. But in this case it was a girl who was doing it. I was getting really nervous. And just as I was about to remove her hand, I stopped and thought, ‘Which of us would be seen as the molester if I do something?’ So in the end I couldn’t do anything.”

          The law favors women, so male celebrities have their hands tied. And women know this. Gackt is a trained martial artist in several arts and they still try stuff because they know they can get away with it. He won’t touch them and neither will the law.

        • @KleinerKokiri
          And Tokio Hotel is actually a talented and legitimate band (for those who don’t know they are a German group, not a Japanese group). I’m not saying you have to like their music or even them, but from a completely neutral standpoint, they do have talent and are actually under a legitimate label. They can produce a product and gain normal, well-mannered, music-loving, well-adjusted consumers to out-number the insane ones.

          But with Japanese idols, they are marketed basically to be glorified hosts. Female fans (and I’m guessing in some unfortunate cases male fans) think they have the right to treat them like playthings. Getting harassed by a bunch of fanatical women isn’t like a harem anime. These boys get injured, stuff is stolen right off their bodies so women can have a “piece” of them, women get jealous of the fame of members who aren’t their favorites and attack them. It’s completely insane.

          And then, in some concerts foreign fans are discouraged because the yarakashi fans will harass THEM, telling them they shouldn’t be there because they aren’t Japanese and the idols on stage “belong to Japanese only.”

          Female otaku are much worse.

        • TIPs before meeting with IDOL and annoy the guard.

          Make sure not to take a bath in a week before the meet and don’t take a deodorant.

          Wear SMS leather with spike in a shoulder and waist.

          Put your semen on your hands and let it dry LOL.

        • I’m surprised none of the Johnny’s boys have been raped yet. Either by male or female fanatics. Seriously that company has been around since before we were all born. The boys are insanely popular and can’t live a normal life or blend in with a crowd, and they have stalkers and apparently get a lot less security.

        • you know what part has to suck the most for the guys?

          they have to see the attractive girls in the audience. they have to, and they may get their hopes up that they will come to shake their hands…

          but with the women, they see exactly what they are going to be shaking later on… they have no delusions that maybe JUST maybe some normal and attractive guy will want to shake their hand.

        • Anonymous

          but remember this, when most people think female idol girls, they imagine jail bait, you know, the 14-25 year old who like the man because hes “hot”

          most of the time, they never realize that the fans they have to deal with, especially at those hand shake like events aren’t the attractive ones, and even if they are, they are of the psycho variety, and most of the attractive women know this, and stay back, just attending the concerts, not the events.

          so not only do you get the psycho women, you alienate the non psycho from the events, so when they just start, they have delusions that they may have normal fans at the events. at least the female idols know for a god damn fact they attract the creepy ones, they just dont know how creepy.

          and the female ones get security. so if a fan over steps, they get jumped. the male counterpart, even if they can fend for themselves more, cant, and get less security as its perceived as unneeded. so imagine my above scenario. the hand is still wet, may be sweat, may be juice, you dont know, but you have to keep that smile and not offend, because your image is everything, and all you can think of is that hand sanitizer less than 2 feet away, however she grabs the hand harder and pulls you in for a kiss. you still cant tell her to fuck off, or push her ass away, you have to wait for someone to deal with her. but these are women, and the one behind her gets upset at the fact she is trying for a kiss, as thats what she was going to do.

          now at this point a small fight breaks out, with hair pulling and the like, that’s when the security actually decides to intervene.

          as you watch the fight, to take a look at your watch, its only 12:25… 25 minutes into this 5 hour event, and you know its only going to go down hill from there.

          i pitty the men far more than i pitty the women.

        • picture this, a fugly ass 200lbs+ 5foot 5 woman with a completely flat face, and what appears to be a mole with hair growing out of it, and also some facial hair, tells you she touched herself.

          how many men wouldn’t treat it like battery acid

    • I know!! Just waiting for an off-screen comment like “Look at Those Boobs!” when ever Miki or Azusa is talking.

      The guys at both “K-On!” concerts seemed VERY enthusiastic and well behaved – the you see their private lives and yeeeshh.

  • Respect needs to go both ways. The idols need to respect that these people spent money for literally seconds of the idol’s time, and the fans need to respect that just because you lust or crush on someone, doesn’t mean they belong to you alone in the least.

    • How are the idols disrespecting these weirdos? The disrespect looks to be coming down a one way street from the douchebags.

      Any complaints about the sales tactics show a lack of business sense. Those decisions and sales strategies come from the management, so they are unfairly taking it out on the girls.

      If these dirty otaku don’t want to buy multiple copies of CDs, then don’t. No one forced guns to their heads.

      • How are they not disrespecting them? Just look at the pictures of them taking photos together.

        The girl is sitting on HALF OF THE SEAT! And no, stop generalizing them as “dirty otaku”. For every “dirty otaku”, there’s at least 2 “clean otaku”. Yet they judge by appearance.

        The funny thing is, you’re doing the same thing as Ishihara is doing by ignorantly labeling people by appearance.

        • So you’re justification for treating these girls badly is because of her seating position?

          Are you fucking serious? You are that pathetic that you would shit on a poor idol because she is sitting a few inches from the edge of the seat?

          Note that in one of those pics, she is actually sitting right up next to the dude. There goes your shitty argument.

          Oh but wait, you’ll probably now complain that she’s a whore for being that cozy. You losers can’t have it both ways.

        • On what merits am I supposed to judge the losers on? Their irreplaceable contributions to cancer research? Their efforts in combating international poverty? Their Nobel Laureate findings on international trade?

          FUCK NO. I can only judge them for being fat fucking crybaby losers that whine about a celebrity “disrespecting” them for sitting too far from them and denigrate women based on their working in the entertainment industry.

          Hoooooly shit. Burn the poor girl at the stake for sitting 4.3 inches away from the edge of the seat for the mere impropriety.

          Maybe she’s sitting that far away because she lives in a culture where women are expected to not be too familiar with men they don’t personally know. Or maybe she’s sitting that far away because he’s a stinky fat fucking loser with no social skills and fapped that very morning?

          Wait a minute, in one of those pictures, she’s cozying right up next to the guy! You whiners can’t have it both ways. If she sits next to him, you losers would call her a whore. But if she sits too far, then she’s a disrespectful bitch. Wow.

          Seriously. You would disrespect a poor idol based on where she sits on a chair? Maybe you virgin twats should get out more then you’d learn something about actual women instead of this 2D or idol bullshit.

        • @ Anon 07:02

          Not judged by how you look but how you act. I go to establishments where there are lines you do not cross with the employees. If you do a “burly” gentleman with take you outside a introduce your face to a brick wall.

          Ill bred assholes need to realize purchasing a ticket no matter how expensive does not give you carte blanche to abuse people. Nobody broke your arm to buy, you made the choice.

          This is 2D, not 3D.

        • What other merits am I going to judge your fucking loser asses on? Your incredible contributions to cancer research? Your efforts in combating international poverty? Your Nobel Laureate findings in international trade?

          FUCK NO. I can only judge you by your fat fucking crybaby asses that are butthurt based on where a girl sits on a chair.

          Well, hoooooly shit. Burn the poor girl at the stake for sitting exactly 4.3 inches away from the edge of the chair.

          Maybe she’s sitting that far away because she lives in a culture where women are expected to not be too familiar with men they don’t personally know? Or maybe she’s sitting that far because he’s a fucking twat that stinks like he hasn’t bathed in months and fapped that very morning?

          Seriously? You would disrespect a woman for sitting a bit too far in her chair? You fucking virgins need to get the fuck out more and stop being whiny lame nerds. Then maybe you’d learn something.

        • @ 15:24 and 19:02

          Both of you dumbshits need reading with phonics and baths.

          Who gives a fuck, of course I’m lumping them all together, they are all NEET otaku trash that have so much disposable time they can sit in a line to disparage preteen idols and yet can’t find time to get a job or take a damn bath. Just like you two dirty stinky fucks. If you aren’t weaboos then you are dirty disgusting FOBs with bad teeth, so suck it.

          Why do you lamers always whine about Ishihara? He’s a fucking politician in a foreign country for crying out loud. Like you even matter in his voting demographic. LOL, I could give a shit about him, but since you fucking dipshits care so much, why don’t you vote him out of office? OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T.

          Oh, and how can you tell that that one dude she’s right next to is good looking? He’s got a BLACK BOX over his face, fucknuts. You must have some shitty vision, even for a four eyed geek like you. Who’s your optometrist? Ray Charles? Moron.

          Oh, and 19:02, prejudging people by their appearance and minimum courtesy are commonplace in the workplace and real world, you closetfuck. Try showing up for any real job looking like a fat loser like you, and you’re going to be judged whether you like it or not. Oh, and your part time job at Jamba Juice, doesn’t count, retard. We can leave out how the dating scene is similar, because well frankly, you’ll never know, numbnuts.

          And 15:24, did YOU read the article? The girls and management are complaining about multiple instances of rude behavior, not one isolated one. It must be hard to read given your shitty Ray Charles glasses.

          Who gets pussy these days by being a white knight on the internet? LOL, do you shitstains actually think anything you do on the internet (much less your real lives) could get you anywhere near pussy?

          Both of you, when I leave, come together like butt cheeks. Inbred morons.

        • You’re a fucking dumbass aren’t you Anon 08:33 and 09:34? That’s exactly his point. You’re already judging them because they’re idol otaku just like Ishihara and his ilk does.

          Who said they were all disrespectful and made obscene jokes? Well you obviously did. lol.

          There’s a minimum level of courtesy to be shown from these girls to their customers. Yet they already have pre-conceived notions of them by judging their appearance.

          Go on and suck more Ishihara dick you white inbred weaboo.

        • Lol wtf are you talking about 10:19? Who said anything about justifying anything? Learn to fucking read.

          One fan makes obscene comments and she treats them all like perverts.

          Did you even read the caption you dumb fuck? The one picture she sat up right on was because the guy was good looking.

          You won’t get any pussy from them for being a white knight.

        • Well, most of those AKB48 attention whores are hig-schoolers who don’t have much experience hanging out with people other than their own cliques, so they’re bound to feel uncomfortable unless the guy’s good-looking; it helps them calm down. Of course, looks alone don’t make a man(Ted Bundy was a handsome man who enjoyed killing women), but appearance do dictate one’s impressions after all.

          Strange though, that these girls still don’t get it. I mean, they’re supposed to be trained in all aspects of showbusiness right? Deliberately distancing themselves from certain customers are bound to spark cries of unfair treatment. They all bought 10 CDs, so why must one customer be more special than the other?

          Just my 2 cents. I mostly buy music only from people who wrote their own songs and play their own instruments. I have no love for karaoke dancers.

      • The sales tactics are designed to intentionally limit participation. Think about how crazy the lines can get for a meet & greet at a Con, and thats an actor/celebrity with a generally niche market appeal in a setting not open to the general public. Now think about how crazy something like that would get if you had an event open to the public and a celebrity with mainstream appeal. If these events were reasonably affordable you’d have people turning out by the thousands and you would only have enough time to service a fraction of them.

        Besides, as its been said, it doesn’t matter how much you paid, it doesn’t give you the right to treat another human being poorly, and this goes double when most of these girls aren’t even adults. :/

  • Fantasy is fantasy; real-world is real-world.

    I don’t care how much otaku paid to get into the event, they’re not entitled to be nasty to the idols.

    And yeah, I don’t want some guy’s body pushing up behind mine with his hands around me.

    I wonder about how they advertised for security personnel.

    My guess:

    “WANTED: large, strong, men to act as security for female idols. Requires close physical contact with other men. If applicant is gay, seme-orientation is required.”

  • Please don’t tell me that they think such behaviour WASN’T to be expected. I mean, seriously. Their PR machinery all but strips their idols naked .. and in some cases they literally strip them naked.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think that’s an excuse – in a modern society ‘sex’ shouldn’t be seen as shameful, so the idols should be as free to sell it as the otaku are to buy it, that’s up to them. But these girls are doing the otaku a massive service, they’re giving them the chance to see bodies the likes of which they won’t in real life, and the otaku clearly understand, want and appreciate that. They should be more grateful.

    • American’s can literally go to a Wizard World, Chiller Theater, or Comic Con and chill out with TV & movie stars as hot & popular as Summer Glau, The Buffy cast, or Star Trek people for about $20 (plus admission fee).

      Naked pin-up models & porn stars have more respectable fans and infinitely LESS security it seems. What is soo weird about Japan’s fan base??

      • I thought it was funny when the guy spent a a lot of money buying 1000 albums just to have his favorite group on the top 100 charts in Japan.He didn’t get a picture,a Hug,and a Thank you.

        Yet Fatso which they call this Unknown man who taken a picture of Lady Gaga bought one album and came all the way from god knows where to go see Lady Gaga Preform her concert in Japan got a Hug,a Picture, and a Thank you.

        • Yeah, operating autotune needs quite a bit of raw talent.

          And lets not forget, there’s only so many words that rhyme on ‘bitch’ or ‘bitches’, putting them together is a talent of quite some magnificence

        • @Anon 13:00

          Okay, so please enlighten the “clueless douches” on what Hollywood star is your preferred choice of a Hollywood star that leaks sex videos for self marketing, is C-level, and that all Americans, (as if you can speak for every single one) pay attention to?

          Or did you just want to be a contrarian fuck for the hell of it?

        • AKB48 have absolutely zero talent aside from being masturbation tools. That’s what they are marketed for. That’s it. Real stars have real talents that are taken seriously. You’ll never see a western agency trying to market a harem of 48 people because clearly that doesn’t showcase any actual talent for any one person or small group of people who actually work hard.

          These girls are an otaku harem and shall be treated as such. Maybe when they stop being modern day geisha they’ll be treated better.

        • Why does some clueless douche always come in here and try to use Paris Hilton as some kind of example of a Hollywood star or even someone the majority of Americans pay attention to. You watch way too much TV.

        • You are remarkably dumb.

          There are a number of American porn stars that have fake vaginas marketed under their names. So they are literally marketing themselves as masturbation tools.

          There are quite a few C level Hollywood stars that have “leaked” sex videos out. They act like they are appalled but know it acts in their best interest of self marketing. Paris Hilton anyone?

          If anything the American stars that do this are even more blatant at marketing themselves as “masturbation tools” than the AKB48 ever could.

  • lol, the girls have ‘no social experience’. Are they just bred in a lab and used exclusively to be AKB48 idols?
    The nature of attaining a handshake session (multiple CD purchases of the same CD) just lends itself to containing only the most die-hard and ‘degenerate’ fans in each session. Because they bought so much of the same product, they feel that they pretty much should be able to say whatever they want to their favorite idol, including sexual innuendo or just straight up sexual harassment. You think someone would spend $100+ just to cordially talk to their idol?


    I still can’t believe their latest single sold over a million copies in its FIRST DAY! Even in the US, the top single usually only sells a couple hundred thousand in a week. I mean, I know a lot of these otaku have more money than brains, but wow.

    Oh, and I love that 5th pic. It looks like the girl is just grossed out. It’s probably just a bad screenshot, but it’s probably closer to the truth than the pics where they’re smiling.

  • I’m sorry, normally I can’t stand this kind of treatment but in this case I don’t feel sorry for them.

    They are in the business of using young girls to cater to the fantasies of older, creepy otaku men, and are basically a group who markets how to be a tease while pretending to be innocent about the entire thing.

    “If your business is milking idiots and weirdos, don’t complain when they actually show up.”

    This is basically the problem. And their producers know they are making a group for creepy guys to fap over, but then want to issue a statement like that?

    • OH C’mon. 95% of the time the Idol is forced to attend these things like a piece of cattle. She probably is over-worked, under-fed and would rather be resting for her job which will be over in 2 secs if she does something wrong.

      I’ve meet a few celebs in my life at Cons and events and you really do brighten an entertainers day by telling them how much you appreciate their performance or all their hard work. When you’re just starting out you probably get abused and mis-treated by management and for what? To be creeped on by a Hater like you?

  • People are only defending these girls because they think they are hot and trying to pass it off as some plea for human rights.

    All you moralfags bitching about human rights would be no where to be fond if the same thing were happening to a group of women you didn’t think was attractive. If they were a group of really talented singers, but older or below average looking you’d be throwing out the prostitute comments like everyone else.

  • The problem is with their selection process. I mean, if some dude is actually willing to buy multiple copies of these shitty CDs, chances are good that he’s tremendously fucked in the head. You probably shouldn’t be shaking hands with him. Hell, you could pick up cooties just by being within a hundred feet of him.

  • I’m sorry. These girls are nothing but filthy fucking whores, and deserve to be treated as such. How much you wanna bet they suck some dirty rich old man’s dick every day to keep their jobs? They probably get literally whored out by their agency to the highest bidders as well, always dirty old men of like Ishihara’s age. If anything, bahamut should be disgusted from shaking their hands. Who knows where that shit has been.

    • So much fiction in this post, it might just qualify as the plot for some twisted Japanese drama. It’s like the evil version of Densha Otoko, with a more accurate portrayal of the bitter lonely otaku raging in his closet.

        • Right, right, and I bet you do that everyday to get a pay-raise don’t you?

          Seriously dude, you’re pathetic for insulting these girls like that. They may be ‘Idols’ but they’re still humans that should be treated with respect…..people like you can burn along with I-shit-hara.

        • Ha, you’re just mad because YOU aren’t in the position to get YOUR dick sucked.

          Aww what’s wrong? Did Ishihara pee in your Cheerios again?

          You know what isn’t fiction? Your mysoginistic rants that betray that you are a very very lonely loser that gets shunned by average looking girls and feel the need to rage on women saying they are all bitches.

  • “even frightening them with toy cockroaches”

    “I may be an idol, but I am a human being too.”
    Idols are not human beings, they’re attention whores, who are compensated for acting stupid and singing shitty jpop music.

    “handshaking events”
    Just imagine how many of them came into their hand and DID NOT wash before shaking theirs. “I jacked off this morning before I came to see you!” Yeah…

    “If you don’t like it, quit. There are 47 replacements for you.”
    And tens of thousands of other talentless girls, with bad teeth, waiting to become the new #48.

  • Well one thing is clear, both sides lack social experience, its that there is still hope for the AKB48 side to gain social experience.

    As for the moeblobs, burning them at the stake is not painfull enough.