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  • dammit
    is anyone talking about the actual show instead of the fucking eathquake!? -yes i know is big news. -yeah people are dying.
    -yeah is pretty sad and unfortunate; everyone wants japan back on their feet as soon as possible.

    But come on seriously, the internet is flooded with comments of people talking about this thing. Do we really need to talk about it here too?? In a Madoka Magica post?? I mean really??

    Get your fucking head out of your asses people!!!

  • Hate me as much as you want, but I didn’t find it that appealing. Actually it was a necessary episode, or the story would remain pretty mysterious.

    Still, I hate time loops as this because it wasn’t compelling enough for the magnitude of the ability and to create a complex entanglement, but I praise the chance we had to see Homura like this.

    That goddamn quake, thanks to that I now have a lot of work to do (not so bad at all).

  • Whoa… This series seriously baffles me in every level. Probably surprised the hell of everybody who already condemned the series as generic from the 1st episode, huh?? Keep it up Shaft!

    RL: Sympathies to those who were affected by the earthquake. Hoping that you guys will be given enough strength to face this ordeal. And while not trying to be mean, I really hope the earthquake won’t delay the broadcast of Madoka Magica next week… >.<

  • Homura is now LEGEND!
    +10% HP
    +10% SP
    +10% FP
    +10 to all stats
    +10 to Time Paradox skill duration
    +10% to defense
    +10% to hit
    +20% to evasion
    +10% to Yakuza Blood skill duration
    +100% to Thief skill success rate
    +100% to Genre Savvy passive skill

  • Tsunami just pwnd part of Japan, and instead an article about this friggin’ anime is posted.

    And the only reason when the tsunami will be mentioned is if it affects Aya Hirano, I bet.

  • With Homura being a time traveller kept going back in time trying to save her friend but unable to do so, this is too cruel and burden to carry, in a way it is worse than hell.

    Eventually Homura might be became so strong that she will be even stronger witch than Madoka. When that happens Madoka will have to kill Homura as a witch, this is just too cruel. Finally saved your dearest friend and only have to be put down by your dearest friend.

      • @19:34
        >It’s all good if it doesn’t happen to you amirite?

        That’s what seems to think the old women in the neighborhood, chatting and laughing about how it was scary (magnitude 5 in tokyo or something ?)

        Life goes on. You’re being even more sensitive about it than actual japanese residents. Chill out guys, japan is not in ruin.

        … can’t say the same for Sendai though

      • then what ?

        it means we can’t watch anime anymore ?

        I’m in japan. I’m fine. Tokyo is pretty fine. The kansai doesn’t even felt the earthquake, but indeed hokkaidou is going pretty bad.

        Anyway no, japan isn’t in ruin, unlike what your tv seems to show to you.

        So I guess I can watch an anime or two without being considered like a war criminal, huh ?

  • How much of a bastard am I when my first thought on hearing about the earthquake was “thank god this didn’t happen before madoka aired or having half a screen filled with tsunami warnings and aftershock reports would have ruined it” followed by “damn how is this going to effect tomorrows anime…”

  • Wait for the aftershocks… as for anime in the short term, the NEETs, otaku, &c. will probably be glued to coverage of the earthquake, as opposed to flying on Tokyo MX and the like. Which may have been also inundated with information. I’d say it’d be a good 2-4 days before we can continue with this all. It might not be the devastation that’s hitting Tokyo, it’s the media.

  • I find it interesting that Madoka seems to have increased ‘raw power’ each time… starting out as just another magical girl, in the middle dying as a result of a long, drawn out battle with Walpurgis, then at the end being so powerful as to destroy Walpurgis in only one hit and filling Incubator’s energy quota completely… Taking into account that the series starts with her ‘dreaming’ of what happened in the last iteration, it seems plausible that something is being carried over from each Madoka, as with the previous-arc memories in Higurashi. Keep in mind that Homura by contrast has only contracted in exchange for power once, then only continued to improve how she uses that power. As for why other magical girls aren’t affected, though, it probably has something to do with how Homura’s wish is tied to Madoka’s existence… ufufufufu…

    What will come about I wonder… will Madoka not become a magical girl in this iteration? Will she become so powerful that she can take down Incubator’s civilisation? Will she somehow use godlike power in a different way to bring an acceptable conclusion to the cycles….? In the first place, if the witches are former magical girls, who did Walpurgis Night come from…? So enjoyable…!

  • great episode. i was wondering for a while now what would happen after the kyouko and sayaka’s death but my question is yet to be answered. anyway homura has been through a lot, it’s just sad. i hope madoka won’t be stupid enough to go mahou shoujo then turn into a witch. well, if she does and is about to go witch mode, she can always kill herself. what about homura? are they going to kill her so that she won’t be able to turn back time? QB is so damn insensitive he’s like a demon luring girls to their death bed. mami’s yandere was sooo inexpected. i was hoping to see her again but i didn’t want to see her in that way.

    oh yeah i’m actually praying for japan..
    although i must say i am totally a bad person for thinking about the state of anime and manga releases after learning of the quake.. *sigh*

    DIE QB!! >:)

  • This was a very interesting episode. It truly gave me new perspective on the series. However, I say that for some good, and some bad reasons.

    As for the bad, this Anime’s moniker of “The Evangelion of Magical Girl anime” is becoming true in ways I hoped it wouldn’t become. It already has a protagonist that, while she has reason to angst, Madoka like Shinji, does it a little too much for comfort. There comes a point in time where one has to pull themselves up off the ground and do something about their problems, and Madoka has yet to really do so (at least within the current time line).

    Also the similarity that is appearing that I hoped would have not appeared is the use of “convenient” plot points and twists that are used only to drive characters further into depression. There was already the thing with Hitomi seemingly and spontaniously having a crush on Kyousuke out of nowhere and for the sole purpose of driving Sayaka farther into depression, to her eventual death and by extention driving Madoka farther into depression. And now we have this incident in ep.10 with Mami going all Yandere on us. There has been no indication prior that she was so unhinged as to take the information this badly. Sure, in the first 3 episodes she was shown to be highly depressed under her calm shell, but she was never shown to be this unhinged. I would actually believe this behavior from Kyoko, even Sayaka before I’d believe it from Mami.

    Also, I’m not sure if this is a positive or a negative or not, but Madoka as a Magical Girl was a true sight to behold. Not only could she fight, but her personality did a 180. Even in the timeline where she asked Homura to stop her from becoming a Magical Girl, she was increadibly strong willed. I was amazed she was able to shoot down Mami in her Yandere rage. Albeit she still fell to the floor weeping afterward, but that was a good thing. It was the moment that showed she was still in character, as opposed to Yandere Mami, because it was a conflict in her interest to protect her comrades and friends. However, I find it problematic that the series with Madoka as a Magical Girl, which is supposed to be a bad thing, is unbelieveably entertaining. Far more entertaining than the state Madoka is in for the current time loop. If Madoka being shown as a Magical Girl was supposed to be horrifying, than Urobuchi and Shinbou have missed the mark terribly. I found Madoka as a Magical Girl superbly exciting, and a much better character overall than our current muggle Madoka.

    But on the purely good side, Homura’s backstory was great, and a pretty good explanation for how she acts. Not to mention it brings up a very interesting paradox. In the very first timeline when Homura first met Madoka and Homura made her wish, there was a very important detail in Madoka’s death. Not only did she die as herself and not as a witch, but she died happy. Also, she died ignorant of the truth, which even Homura didn’t know at the time. However, even if Madoka didn’t know what the truth is about Magical Girls, she still died happy and as herself during this timeline, and this is the timeline where Homura makes her wish to be able to “re-do” her meeting. In our current time loop, Homura berated Sayaka for being foolhardy and selfish. However when Homura made her wish, one could make a very good argument that Homura was acting selfish and foolhardy, because Madoka died happy and Homura didn’t know the truth otherwise. Curious, is it not?

    Also, further looking into it presents a quandary. In our current timeling, Madoka knows pretty much everything and is alive as of now, but is in a massive depression and has lost her best friend. In the very 1st timeline, she dies ignorant, but happy. In the 2nd timeline that had Yandere Mami, she knew the truth, but died anyway, and right on the cusp of becoming a witch. If one had a choice between knowing the truth or remaining ignorant, but still dieing anyway, I think the much better choice would be to know, as you are gonna kick the bucket anyway. However, in this current timeline Madoka is still alive (I don’t really think she’ll survive but let’s just assume she does for agrument’s sake). Madoka will live on, but has lost people she loves who can never come back, and will probably be in some state of misery for the rest of her life. Was the 1st timeline Madoka’s fate better, dieing ignorant but happy, or is the current Madoka’s fate (supposing she lives) better, living and knowing the truth but not being able to do anything about it and being in depression for the rest of your life?

    In other words, is it better to die happy yet ignorant or to live on knowlegable but powerless and depressed?

    As for Puella Magi on the whole, there are things that annoy me about the series, but they are not big enough for me to stop, or to not consider this show very good.

    • The problem with your analysis of current madoka is that she’s not in the same position as shinji at all. shinji was outrightly given the power to defend the world and then slowly fed information in the worst possible ways thus leading to his growing more and more distressed. Madoka on the other hand, still doesn’t actually have any power and, despite this, has been trying to help her friends the whole time. remember that she still went with both kyoko and sayaka to cheer them on, knowing that she be seriously screwed if they died. also, shinji only lossed his best friend and arguably had memories of his mothers to mess him up. Madoka has been repeatedly faced with the deaths of her friends and is continually being harrassed by both kyubei and homura, which has contributed to her inability to deal with her situation. remember how many times she was about to make a contract and was interrupted? cause i don’t.

      oh, and on the subject of “yandere” mami, the correct term here would be yanjire (dere only refers to when people are being loving). Also, it’s pretty much impossible to tell how a person will actually react when faced with a horrible situation. I think mami’s reaction is pretty understandable considering she showed no signs of actually being strong in the beginning, and even hinted at horrible trauma when she made her wish.

    • That is a very interesting observation of the series and a very good question as well.

      However my thoughts on this episode are very mixed. On the one hand I’m glad that we now have a better understanding of what Homura has gone through. But from the start of this show I was really hoping that the show wouldn’t pussy out on us and invent some convenient deus ex machina to try and make everything okay.

      I find myself comparing this show to Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni more than Evangelion. That was another series that got progressively darker to the point of being just plain disturbing. But like Madoka, Higurashi also featured a “side character” who turned out to be stuck in a time loop.

      While I didn’t see Higurashi’s second season, what I really don’t want for Madoka is for it to lose its edge and try and use the time loop plot point to create a “happy ending.” Because in the end I think they would be catering to the wrong audience.

      • @Gligarman

        Hm… Very interesting point you have there. Since I only have minimal experiance with Higurashi, I didn’t really draw the conclusion that they were similar. I still say that the “Evangelion of Magical Girl anime” still stands, but I can definitely see a little Higurashi in there.

        But on the point of a “Happy Ending”, you are very right. So much horrific shit has gone down in the series that to have a purely happy end would feel increadibly fake. It would feel like an asspull, no matter the reasoning they give.

        However, I think a total downer ending would be inapropriate as well. Mainly because even though the series’ tone is very much cynical in nature, it has shown that people will do selfless acts for the simple reason of wanting to help someone. Sayaka before the truth came out demonstrated as such. Homura demonstrated it with her wish to Kyubey, and even Kyoko demonstrated it with both her wish and her final moments in the current timeline. They may have all ended badly, but it does show that almost no one is truly heartless.

        So as you can surmise, I would prefer a bittersweet ending. A little more bitter than sweet. It would work into the idea of wishes and dreams, and specifically how kyubey grants wishes. Even though he has no sense of empathy and is very manipulative, he always grants the girl’s wishes to their exact letter. It’s just that the girls themselves realize the wish wasn’t exactly what they wanted, or real life problems just get in the way of it.

    • I had typed up this long post in response to this; however, looking back over it I see that mine was filled with just as much opinion as yours so I decided to scrap that.

      I think you do bring out some good points and questions that the series brings out and really weigh heavily on your opinions of life, but I also have to point out two irritants in the whole post.

      You side heavily in favor of Madoka which, as the anime is named after her this is likely the most common thing; however, if you look at it arc 1 and arc 5 are really the same arc’s just reverse… I mean hell, both Madoka and Homura do the same turn while walking to the nurses office (they made a big point of this)… Which person living in misery after all this is really better? Foreshadowing as to what may ultimately be Madoka’s wish? (Yo I heard you like loops)

      Homura’s wish isn’t purely sacrificial… she does a good job balancing it between sacrificial and self benefiting. She basically wishes to be strong in order to protect Madoka. A good balance if you ask me.

      All I know is I hope they don’t ruin this with a happy go lucky ending…

      • I think Mami was probably hiding a great deal due to her isolation. She’d been fighting witches essentially alone for a while, and if she had comrades, they probably died. For her, I bet killing the witches and saving people was the only thing left until the others befriended her. Even after they became her friend though, killing the witches was her reason for living. (Kind of like what Sayaka tried to become, only failed because she still had human attachments.)

        So if you’re Mami and you like your friends but longer than you’ve known them killing witches and saving the city was the only thing important to you left, and you’re probably a little crazy too, how are *you* gonna react when QB goes “no meduka, you are the witches?”

        That and it was probably easy for her to kill Kyouko (even if she’s my other favorite character besides Mami ;_;) because she presumably wasn’t very close to her.

        • I don’t know if I would say it quite like that. Though, if you do look at it she was obviously younger when she had to make that wish to save herself and become a magical girl so it is true that likely she’d been around a while fighting them; however, I don’t necessarily think that if she had comrades and they died she would be as forward about making new people magical girls. I think she’d be more like Homura in terms of not wanting people to end up dieing by becoming magical girls.

          Don’t get me wrong, shes a good character; however, I think shes more brainwashed by Kyubee than self isolated. From that young age she was forced to make a quick decision and basically live with Kyubee who never told her anything other than she needed to fight witches (and she did a relatively good job doing it). You’d think; though, in the time she’d a been fighting she would have seen a magical girl turn into a witch… Anyway, if you look back on the first three episodes you can see clues that she was brain washed. Would a person who has seen friends die really tell Madoka to become a magical girl with a wish for “delicious cake”? Why would she tie up Homura if she was there to help defeat a witch? I’m fairly certain she was very well brainwashed… and that’s why I think she snapped in the third arc after realizing it and seeing it as the only good possible outcome (however, Kyubee does mention there are other magical girls out there so killing the 3 of them wouldn’t matter, there would still be witches).

          Then again, maybe I see this just because she was my least favorite character?

  • As this post is about the anime, I’ll keep it to that. The anime episode was awesome, even if it did depict Homura as very weak to begin with. The ability for infinite loops isn’t exactly what I was hoping for (though knew from episode 5 that this was the likely outcome) but it appears that Homura is putting her hope in this last attempt and all the emotion and devastation was well done and quite moving.

    I will say this though, she goes from weak to epic in a few loops… Shes probably more powerful in a battle than any other magical girl (as time control is way powerful) but doesn’t have the output power that Madoka does… (now on to the more important thread)

  • They’re seriously in the fuckin mood to say the same bloody thing again about a show even after their own ppl have been devastated by a fuckin Earthquake and Tsunami?

    Honestly, this ppl makes me lose even more faith in humanity.

    • *faceplam*

      There I was saying we’re worried and now this fool shows up with such an insensitive post.

      Lets see if you’ll give a fuck if its your relative or friend who drowned.

      Honestly, don’t joke about death like that.

      • Death is painful not only to the one close to the deceased but also to others. Being insensitive really make you worst than animals.

        There are many who lost their life despite fighting and struggle to live. You do not know how much they suffer. Stop making thing worst as it is.

        • Anon 22:42, while it’s true that people die daily: old people, mugged people, sick people, suicidal people. Loved ones and unknown ones. It’s in events like this one that A LOT of people dies suddendly, so it’s always been something to give a thought, or worry, or give a fuck at all, because in catastrophes, wars, invasions and plgues, we see events that collide with the common life and death cycle.

        • While his post could have been differently .. Seriously, why the eff does anyone here give a fuck if some guy or gal died who they have never met ? You do realise that people die daily right ? Lots of people probably. I don’t see you giving a fuck about them either. If you did, all you would do is be depressed daily about people dying.

  • It seems fitting somehow that Sankaku would run with something like this rather than the 8.8 earthquake that hit Japan. Now if there were only more panty-shots or oppai, the circle would be complete.