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K-ON! Gets Ishihara Seal of Approval


The 2011 Tokyo Anime Fair has seen fit to grant a damning Ishihara seal of approval to K-ON!, an insult if ever there were one.

K-ON!! has received an award for TV anime excellence, one of only a tiny handful of late-night anime titles to even be mentioned.

Other notable awards are as follows – although the general consensus appears to be any award from TAF is now closer to a condemnation than anything worth having:

Animation of the Year: The Borrower Arrietty

TV Anime Awards: K-ON!!, The Tatami Galaxy

Seiyuu Award: Aki Toyosaki, for her portrayal of Yui Hirasawa

Overseas Animation Award: Toy Story 3

OVA Award: Gundam UC

Most of the other small-change awards seem to go to Arrietty, along with a character design award to Precure – all decidedly family friendly material.

As K-ON! and others are published by a company engaged in an active boycott of TAF, it seems possible they may decline to acknowledge the award, or even publicly refuse it; it is likely the only recognition likely to confer any real prestige from here on will be granted at ACE.

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