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K-ON! Fans Arrested for Stealing K-ON! Guitars


Dirty otaku NEETs have been arrested for stealing the Keionbu’s guitars and various K-ON! figures, saying they did it because they wanted the figures.

The incident began with the previously reported theft of cash and K-ON! related artefacts from the Shiga prefecture school which served as the model for the school in the anime.

The guitars were later found dumped in a ditch, but the figures and cash were never recovered.

Following up on his arrest in connection with the theft of property from offices and a supermarket, police searched the home of an 18-year-old unemployed man from another town in the same prefecture, and there found the stolen K-ON! figurines.

Also arrested was an accomplice, an unemployed 17-year-old youth. The pair are thought to have been part of a wider gang responsible for numerous other burglaries in the prefecture.

Investigators report they suspect the pair to have broken into the school early one morning, where they set about stealing 3 guitars, 20 figures and the unrecovered cash, over $1000 in all.

The boys explain their motive for the terrible crime: “We like K-ON! and wanted the figures.”

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