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Aya Nude Shower Scene “Too Hard”


Aya’s naked shower scene and the genius of Square Enix have converged in an unholy union.

Aya Brea’s famed shower scene may already be familiar to players of Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday – those wishing to refresh their memory can inspect it below:

The latest development surrounding the game is the effort Square Enix expects players to go through to get it – to add it to the game’s “Video Log” area, players must complete the entire game no less than 50 times.

Reportedly, the game can be cleared in an hour on easy mode, allowing unlimited Aya-watching for only 50 hours of tedium.

Those who play the video 10 times are also blessed with the addition of a “Secret” camera angle, which is slightly lower than the normal one.

For the lightweights, grinding through the game a mere 30 times unlocks the “Lightning Custom” costume.

Unsurprisingly, the player reaction has been less than positive – although many now appear to expect this new standard from all Square Enix titles.

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