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Apparently anyone who believes in a company’s marketing is also a fool right now as well. These companies wonder why they’re losing so much money these days when they had such a great thing going for so long. Here’s an idea for them; long ago customer service and loyalty meant something to a lot of people. You delivered on your promises, you gave customers a reason to want to come back, and surprise, they did. These days companies have for whatever unfathomable reason switched to a “bleed the customer dry” method of business where they do whatever it takes to wring another sale out of the few fans they have left.

It’s not a sustainable model of business, but sadly the CEOs making millions of dollars a year are only interested in the short term gains. It’s happening in every industry right now, and likely a large factor in the economic problems we face today. Back when they were only making a bit more than the grunts at the company they had to actually work hard to keep things successful and afloat. Now they’re just trying to make as much money in as short a time span as possible before they bail on the then fucked company with enough money for them to never work again in pocket.

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