2ch & Korea to Mark V-J Day with Cyber War


Both Japanese and Korean Internet users are reported to be planning a “cyber-war” against each other on the anniversary of Japan’s loss of the Second World War.

Talk of a Japanese “counter-attack” in retribution for the hostile acts conducted by Koreans against 2ch earlier in the year has reportedly led to an attack by Japanese on Korean Internet targets being planned for the 15th of August.

Hearing reports of this, irate Koreans soon began talk of a pre-emptive strike, and have apparently planned their own series of attacks – though some have called for moderation, few hold out much chance of anyone listening to them, with Korean media saying cyber-war is “unavoidable.”

The 15th of August is Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day), celebrating the defeat of Japan by America and its minions. In Korea it is celebrated as Liberation Day, representing the end of Korea’s union with Japan, enforced in 1910.

In typical Japanese style, in Japan it is is known ambiguously as 戦歿者を追悼し平和を祈念する日 / Senbotsusha wo tsuitōshi heiwa wo kinennsuru hi, “the day for mourning of war dead and praying for peace,” or more commonly (yet no less ambiguously) as “End of War Day.”

In either case it appears to be serving as a convenient outlet for outpourings of mutual hatred.

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