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Kiss×sis – TV Incest Action


The second TV episode of twin-sisters x brother ero-love comedy Kiss×sis has supplied yet another alluring batch of service and ero hijinks, yielding up some all but unprecedented TV incest action.

No scene in this episode shows anything quite as illicit onscreen as the first episode‘s scene of Ako-nee fondling her brother’s manhood through his underpants, but there is still plenty of excellent imagery showing the wonders of 2D sibling sexual relations available below.

Last week’s premiere episode was covered in sufficiently salacious detail to give a basic introduction of the show to anyone who might be unfamiliar with Kiss×sis’s basic premise and story, so this time only the episode’s key scenes need be covered, with many a save-worthy image to illustrate.

The opening shot of the episode, with a classy Ako tutoring her younger stepbrother Keita in his room:


The OP comes up soon after, and since Kiss×Sis is one of the rare shows to use its OP in the first episode, most of it was already shown last week.

A few snippets of it are changed for this episode however; most of the new bits are shown below:


After that, the episode proper finally starts up.


The main focus of the episode comes up right away – Keita is having trouble studying for the entrance exams for the school his two sisters attend, and needs help.

Naturally, Ako (the smarter of the pair) is the one to help him, and the bulk of the episode focuses on interactions between her and Keita while Riko starts to get antsy from her growing jealousy.


Ako decides this sexy schoolteacher suit is the most appropriate dress available for her tutoring sessions, which has the side effect of distracting poor Keita from his studies.

Ako notices his stares, and gives him a little treat:


She eventually gets flustered and stops, urging Keita to keep studying.


Note the peeking Riko.


Riko gets even more jealous after listening in to the two for a while.


A little gag at the kitchen table when the family sits down for dinner might fly over the heads of some viewers, and since the basic jist of the joke tends to be used in a number of other shows (Tsukasa referenced it in an early episode of Lucky Star), a quick explanation should be useful here.


Ako mentions an oyako (親子)  rice bowl, a common dish that centers around chicken meat and eggs. The oya / 親 part of the name is the character for “parent”, the ko / 子 part means “child”, so oyako as a whole refers to the mix of both a grown chicken’s meat and the egg from where chicks come from.


Dad makes a quick gag involving the “parent-child” connection, which the above picture of a chicken molesting a chick should make clear enough.


Mom is amused enough.

Back at Keita’s room though, he has trouble concentrating on studying  so late at night…


Helpful Ako comes up with a way to hopefully jolt Keita out of his drowsiness:


The sight of his sister heaving her luscious cleavage at him works well enough at rousing Keita back to life.

The next day after a short school scene, the two get back to studying:


Ako is just using a cute top and dress outfit this time, as yesterday’s sessions didn’t manage to imprint much into Keita’s head (he mostly just remembers his sister’s breasts and thighs.)

The skimpier outfit also makes Ako’s new plan to help her brother learn simpler to do:


Tonight’s subject seems to be English, so Ako has a bunch of the random prepositional phrases which Japanese usually use to learn textbook English scattered across her body’s most interesting bits.


You can see part of it below, but the one on her right breast is “be interested in”.

Ako gets up on Keita’s desk to give her a brother a good look at his new jury rigged textbook.


Ako even has some phrases on the insides of her thighs, so she needs to spread fairly wide to let Keita study.


Keita smartly decides to go along with all this, and dives right in.



Lucky Keita…


Her brother’s fingering is a bit much for Ako.


Still, they keep at it, and presumably study a bit more in this manner for a good while longer.

That scene ends another day, and it next jumps to the next morning as Keita is going to school and runs into Miharu, the drive-by raep victim from episode one:


This is Keita trying to remember one of last night’s phrases by remembering his sister’s breast.


Poor Miharu has this happening to her again, and a jealous Mikazuki offers the “chikan” a chance to use her instead:


(The text reads something like “automatic reflex”)

Going back at the small slice of heaven known as Keita’s room, we get this:



Eager to keep helping her brother, Ako has the next lesson, history, prepared like so:


A most impressive mizugi!



Wanting to do at least something to help Keita, Riko grips a cookbook for late-night meals.


The CM break art.

At school, Keita’s friends imagine what it must be like to have a chance to spend so much time studying with such a lovely girl like Ako:


Amusingly enough, their imaginations about Keita’s relationship with his sisters isn’t too far away from reality.


This is a pretty enjoyable scene:


Watch those petals go off in the wind…


At the sisters’ school, Riko stays late after school at the home economics room to practice her cooking.


She uses a cucumber, which she gets mighty fond of:



It’s hard to see here, but Riko’s hand is going lightning-fast up and down on that cucumber.

The very next scene just jumps to having Ako in a robe, alone with Keita on his bed:


Generous Ako gives her brother a reward for being such a good student.

Make sure to notice Ako’s tongue about to slide onto Keita’s chest above…

Unfortunately, that was all just a dream Keita had while asleep on his bed:



Luckily, Ako was keeping him company the whole time.


Keita manages to hurt his sister’s feelings, and she settles on a “pentalty game” to tease him, with the penalty being a kiss from her…



Keita decides to go along with it and pulls his sister in for a kiss as she pleads for him to do it quickly:



The scene happily goes on for quite a while!


The ribbons of shared sibling saliva aren’t too visible in the preview thumbnails, so enlarging these screenshots is advised.


Keita begins to enjoy his sister enough that he tries for even more than just a kiss, making Ako try to pull back:


She tells him to stop, but also Keita that he can “do whatever you want” if they were in a more secluded location.


A suddenly persistent Keita doesn’t give up, however, and manages to convince his sister


The brother/sister fun is broken up by an angry Riko though, forcing Ako to apologize for getting offtrack with the study session:


A cutely blushing Riko has finally made a latenight snack for her brother:



Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out too well.

Onto the next morning:


Keita manages to get a 65% on his practice exam, which is a substantial improvement over his initial score of 50% at least.


An overjoyed Ako congratulates him, and Keita rushes in for a big hug:


Riko, feeling left out, just watches the two from the top of the stairs:



Riko makes a cute moaning-purr sound here, and the episode ends a few moments later.

The ED was covered previously, but here one bit includes some of the current episode’s footage, in this case, Miharu’s oppai poking:



The next episode, “Captivating Sweets!”

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