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“Female Chikan” Arrested for Groping Man


Police arrested a woman for groping a man in rare example of female on male groping action.

The incident began on a rush hour subway train running in Kyoto – witnesses saw a 29-year-old woman with shoulder length hair wearing a grey suit approach a 32-year-old civil servant and begin groping him.

One witness turned out to be a police officer, and seeing suspicious behaviour underway he apprehended the groper.

The suspect was soon arrested and charged under prefectural anti-groping ordinances, but matters did not end there.

Police then discovered the woman’s birth registry actually listed a male name – “she” had apparently legally changed her name to that of a woman and begun living as a female.

The plight of the civil servant as he finally experienced his fantasy of being groped by a woman only to later discover that it was a crossdressing man can only be imagined.

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