Dragon Age: Origins Hot Sex Surprises



Bioware’s flagship title Dragon Age: Origins is attracting attention not only for the usual epic fantasy RPG hacking and slashing, but also for its story, which happens to be packed full of all kinds of romantic options, including actual sex scenes…

Although most reviews have concentrated on the game’s well crafted story and gameplay, at least one reviewer saw fit to take especial note of the erotic elements the game is packed with:


Players will be delighted to note that the party in fact doubles as a large bisexual harem, assuming the members can all been kept pleased…

Romance for the ladies (or possibly men) is also present:


Just what the puritans at Sony think of all this is not clear, and nor is what state the console releases will be in.

Although Bioware’s NeverWinter Nights series was largely devoid of serious romance, the spiritual prequel to Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate II, was packed full of steamy romance and hot dark elf sex, so this is very much a return to form for Bioware.

Apart from some doubts over the excessive reliance on DLC (DLC extras are promised to those who complete a long series of surveys masquerading as a flash RPG, and some effort has been made to kill the resale market by ensuring some DLC is only available to those buying the game new), Dragon Age has been favourably received by all and looks set to become a major franchise…

The game’s release is imminent on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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