Windows 7 Release Fail


The glittering Japanese release of Windows 7 has been set awry by the pathetic failure of the operating system’s touchscreen capability on prime morning television:

Although this is Microsoft’s best operating system since Windows XP, many could be forgiven for thinking this is setting the bar a little low.


Between moe Nanami Madobe and a 7 patty Burger King hamburger gigant (the “Windows 7 Whopper”), there is a notable lack of emphasis on the shiny new features of Windows 7 in the launch campaign.

Most interesting of all is how Microsoft have cunningly hijacked the “OS-tan” meme, which traditionally alludes somehow to the shortcomings of the operating system, for example Vista-tan‘s enormous memory requirements being reflected in the size of her bosom.

Nanami appears on the other hand to be absolutely perfect, and has supplanted a fan-created OS-tan which might be embarrassing to Microsoft, although surely pictures of her impassively being groped are not far off…

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