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Oppai Gaming Legends


Whilst the defining experience of western gaming is generally held to be some variation on dismembering an enemy whilst setting him on fire, the defining element of Japanese gaming is clearly schoolgirls being pursued by tentacles, with plenty of breast jiggle and low angles.

This breast jiggle, or chichi-yure in technical parlance, has over the ages been elevated to a fine art and a sophisticated technology, and the plethora of games exhibiting such oppai physics have exerted such fascination as to inspire the below series of breast jiggling game videos:

(If the tickered comments are getting in the way of your enjoyment of the oppai, you can turn them off with speech bubble icon; if the video fails to load, blame it on Hiroyuki’s disinterest in running an actual business and try reloading the page.)

Perhaps the real question is just how anyone collected all these…

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