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Dearly Stars Reverse Trap Trap Groping Action Unveiled


In the tradition of DS groping games, new Idolmaster title “Dearly Stars” will have a full “o-sawari” feeling component.

Naturally oppai are a prime target for the player’s stylus, and a gameplay video reveals that reverse trap Makoto oppai groping action, courtesy of a character who is actually a cross-dressing boy, is on the cards…

Fans of gender bending idols, already delighted by the prospect of Ryo, are even more ecstatic upon learning of this. You can see further details below:

The “paitouch” scene starts at 9:00 and runs as follows:

Makoto: “Ah, don’t touch me the—!”

Ryo: “Ahhh, sorry!”

Ryo: “But… Very soft muscle there.”

Makoto: “Of course it’s soft. Honestly…”

Ryo: “No, the bit above it.”

Makoto: “Oh, there. You were checking there? Oh dear…”

Ryo-chin is being compared to a youthful Producer in his evasive hentai opportunism…

The game will be available soon.

Expect Makoto to be revealed as a boy in future titles if Ryo’s popularity continues to wax.


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