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Puchi Nagato Nendoroid


This limited-edition Nendoroid Puchi (Nendoroid Mini) version of Nagato Yuki from the Haruhi-chan series is a furoku (freebie) packaged along with the new volume of the manga.

As it comes with a manga and not an expensive limited edition version of a game, this is one of the few limited edition Good Smile figures to come out that is actually accessible to international buyers.

For those unfamiliar with Nendoroid Puchi, they are even more chibi-fied versions of the already chibi Nendoroid figure lineup from Good Smile Company.

This Nagato Puchi comes in a limited edition boxed version of Volume 3:







The box includes the figure, Volume 3 with a special cover, plus a bonus “History of Itsuki Koizumi” manga.

Via Akiba Hobby.


A page from Volume 3, courtesy of Akiba Blog.


Moeyo was enamored enough with his Nagato Puchi that he performed some cosplay swapping with the limited edition Hatsune Miku Puchi Nendoroid that is packaged with the recent Project Diva PSP game.

Since this is technically a manga with a figure bundled with it (although you’d never tell by the display box), the Nagato Nendoroid Puchi is available internationally via Amazon for only ¥1,630.

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