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Sex Ballet Teacher’s Schoolgirl Raep Reign Ends


A teacher who apparently ran the school ballet club he oversaw as a personal harem has been arrested, and is be investigated to establish just how many of his pupils he raeped over the years.

The teacher (37) managed the school ballet club, and apparently there was a dormitory on the high school grounds where his schoolgirl proteges would stay.

It was during one such stay that he was reported and arrested for indecent acts upon one of his charges, apparently forcing himself upon her.

With this incident under their belts, police pressed their investigation, and soon it became known that another student of some years prior was also the victim of the same offences.

Police now consider there to be a distinct likelihood of yet further outrages conducted by the teacher at his ballet harem, and are questioning him carefully about the matter.

Via FNN.

Life imitates eroge once more

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