Comment on UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World by freedomforce29:

I sense a massive population drop in Japan in the future -mostly artists and companies- afterwords though UNICEF will realize they fucked up japan and will shrug it off and soo many people will be soo pissed. BUT!i do agree with Miroku74 about toddlercon and guro and that stuff…

But then by saying that anyone who likes that “stuff” would be offended because we would act like UNICEF and block things. Rather we fight together for all, or we lose individually.

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  • Japanese Regional Physics:
    damn, so right too bad I’m actually smart when it comes to things-Anime, computers, Mechs, Models, photoshopping… BELIEVE IT OR NOT I’m only 13 and still think strike witches went over-the-top with its pantsu levels. But that’s because i know what i download. (atleast i admit my age)

  • Schoolgirls Beaten on Train: “The Adults Didn’t Help Us…”:
    nice punch in the face never hurt anyone- at least you when your throwing them.

  • Internet Censorship Bill Passes:
    what the fuck? the man is still coming down on my generation!!! gawd, I’m only 13 and I’m posting here, in fact I’m also a loli fan. BUT I SAY!!! CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! but if I were to fight it they would question why…(don’t be mad, don’t report(if you can, that is))

  • “Japan Lags in Loli Ban” – UNICEF Lies Exposed?:
    being a loli fan I can believe its the taking away that’s going to encourage it. Seriously? if someone took your mags er whatever you probably go for second best? right? well, in this case you take their loli, the “second-best” thing would be unfortunately a REAL minor.

  • Koihime Musou Pantsu Battle Anime:
    thing is though your hands would probably calcified er whatever it was which would probably help with sword catching- but, what do i know? i haven’t even heard of this anime before so, go fig.


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