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Lady Novelist Arrested for Yuri Sex with Schoolgirl Fan


A lady novelist has been arrested for a variety of indecent acts with an infatuated schoolgirl fan.

The lady (35), a keitai novelist (a popular genre of novel distributed over mobiles) and shop employee, was apparently approached by a schoolgirl (16) online in February.

The fan had apparently been reading her works, and had become something of an unambiguous fan: “I’m a fan of yours. I long for you.”

The pair soon started a regular exchange of mails. Soon they met at a hotel, and apparently they continued this many times from April onwards. However, the girl’s mother noticed something “strange” in her daughter’s demeanor, and reported the matter to police.

Upon investigation, the lady was found to have taken the girl to a Kobe hotel several times in July, and there “touched her body, etc.”, even being so kind as to give the girl a lift to her school from the hotel.

The lady novelist was subsequently arrested for indecent acts under a prefectural child protection law.

Via ZakZak.

Not the first incidence of lesbian lolicon antics we have heard of late…

Somehow it seems these yuri incidents attract far less opprobrium than the equivalent heterosexual couplings (at least between men and girls; women and boys only attract enthusiastic support, as we have seen with both nurses and teachers).

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