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Schoolgirl Gamer Drags Cyclist 200m from Car in Terror Drive


“I was confident after playing driving games at the arcade, so I wanted to try the real thing” – such is the legend offered by a schoolgirl (14), who, without any form of licence or training save what she had learnt at her local arcade, opted to try her hand at the real thing.

However, her first drive ended with her arrest for perpetrating a hit and run, and one man being dragged from her car hundreds of metres, suffering severe injuries as a result.

“It was actually my first time driving for real” – so taken with her arcade sessions was the girl that she couldn’t help but try the real thing; she soon “borrowed” the keys to her father’s light truck, gathered her friends and set out for a drive around Osaka.

She promptly hit a cyclist (58), panicked, and decided to flee the scene for fear of police discovering her; however, the cyclist was still attached to the car, and was dragged some 180m before being becoming detached. He suffered severe injuries as he was being dragged along the road, nearly losing an ear.

The girl was soon arrested, and charged with a hit and run offence, as well as driving without a licence and similar.

Police were apparently investigating the possibility that she was merely the scapegoat for the incident, as she was riding with three boys from her school; they seem to have discounted this possibility based on her avowed enthusiasm for racing games, and the fact that she stole her father’s keys, however.

Via Mainichi.

At first this was reported with just the dragging element, but as soon as she mentioned she had set foot in an arcade we were treated to another flurry of reports emphasising this instead…

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