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Idol Master Medley Autumn 2008


This skilfully mixed medley of Idol Master MADs is doing extremely well on Nico, so those interested had better take a look; you may very well spot something of interest which is new to you (as I did, below).

Player 1

See the full playlist here (numbered to correspond with the video).

I spotted this, which is positively venerable by Nico standards, but which had passed me by: Great Nano Desu (RedAlice).

Player 2


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  • Any source on the cel animations used in #18? The character designs (in terms of how they’re drawn) look *extremely* similar to Code Geass, but is that down to same production staff, deliberate effort by different production staff, or shopping?

  • Is there a way to know the links to the specific vids in that Medley? I wanted to see the shiny smile one (#9) with the idols in the field but I couldn’t find it among the 4 shiny smiles in that playlist.