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43-Year-Old Raeped, Planned to Marry 14-Year-Old Girl


A man (43) who blackmailed a 14-year-old schoolgirl into having sex with him on tape, and then extorted money from her, has told the court that he was “thinking of marrying her”.

The man, unemployed, was brought before a Tokyo court accused of child prostitution and other offences; he appeared before the court pallid and unhealthy looking, clad in an ill-fitting suit, but kept his cool throughout.

The prosecution charged that he met his victim on an online dating site, where their liaison began with mails. Soon he demanded she provide photographs of herself in most intimate detail.

After he had these photos, he demanded to meet the girl. She refused.

Not satisfied with this, he put it to her: “I just want to meet you once. If you won’t meet me, I’ll send all these (naked) pictures of you to your friends”. Terrified by his threats, the girl decided she had no option but to comply.

He prepared a video camera, and then made the girl, then in her second year of middle school, accompany him to a love hotel, where he made sure to film their activities.

After this, the girl apparently refused to keep a promise to meet him again. He mailed her: “You kept my taxi waiting, what did you think you were doing? The taxi cost me ¥20,000, so you’d better pay up. If you don’t, I’ll be selling this video”. She paid him what he demanded.

The accused man admitted to all these allegations. He then went on to justify his actions, hoping to vindicate himself, by saying that he in fact “intended to marry” the girl.

The judge and prosecution were scathing in response:

Prosecutor: “Is it really normal for a forty-year-old to be making the object of his affections a teenage girl?”

Defendant: “I think that varies from person to person.”

Prosecutor: “Doesn’t it look more like you were simply using her to satisfy your lust? Isn’t it true that of the three times you met your victim, you didn’t do anything but take her to a love hotel each time?”

With this, the defendant’s composure began to crack, and his face reddened.

The judge continued:

Judge: “Haven’t you ever experienced romance before? You’ve seriously dated someone before, have you?”

Defendant: “Yes.”

Judge: “And now you seem to have stopped seeking such a lady?”

Defendant: “Well, not really… If there was such a person, I think I’d like to marry.”

Judge: “Wouldn’t that be just what your mother would wish for? Make a home, give her some grandchildren. If you became a parent, and had a daughter, I think you’d understand how the parents of your victim feel.”

Sentencing is due later in the month.

Throughout the trial, the defendant’s mother is said to have been present, supporting her errant son without question.

Via Sankei.

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  • Moral: if you blackmail people with lawyers, social connections, entourages of accomplices, and obscene wealth, you’ll get away with it, regardless of how many children you molest.

    But if you blackmail people on the cheap – the cops will dare to prosecute!

    2nd Moral: If you are 14, don’t date people you meet online, date people from your school or neighborhood!

    I feel sorry for the girl, but I also feel that she was either amazingly stupid to look for love online or else amazingly mercenary to try for “enjo kosai” online. It depends on whether it was a real dating-for-romance site or a dating-for-compensation site.

  • Well… in certain areas n influence from cultures. THe result of the court case may not be satisfying for some of us. Even in Islamic law, it can be quite interesting and different from the common law. Well, lets just leave to the court case and see what is the conclusion.

    As much as I disagree with that Chikan but lets just say that the 14 year old girl happened to be there at the wrong time at the wrong place.

    • ” lets just say that the 14 year old girl happened to be there at the wrong time at the wrong place.”

      The girl went onto a dating site.

      Was it a dating-for-romance site or a dating-for-money site?

      Was this girl an aspiring prostitute?

    • Smiling Magician says:

      i should point out to people that Islamic does not condone these actions in any way. blackmailing a girl of any age to have sex with you is an offense. however yuun is right in that it is very possible that if under true Islamic law, this person could, in theory, get away with a slap on the wrist. but that could be said about a lot of crimes, regardless of age or gender.

      i just thought i’d clear that up. i’m not a fan of misunderstandings.

      • Yeah, ROFL, she just has to deal with her brothers and fathers accusing her of tempting the man to rape her and dishonoring the family, and “cleansing” her betrayal of allah by burning her or beating her or stoning her, or all three! I love the “law” of the stone age.

  • Why did she send the pictures of her?
    The kido deserved, now she learned a lesson, NEVER send your fucking naked pictures to a random guy that you don’t fucking know.
    “I demand you to send me naked pictures of yours”
    “Ok, but please, don’t post it on /b/”

  • There really should be regulations for love hotels~ as in most hotels in the US won’t rent to anyone under 18 years of age.
    In all good conscience I couldn’t rent a room to an older man and a very young girl, even if it meant that was my only income for the day. Cause- there’s just something very wrong with that picture.