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Sankaku Channel v2


It is my pleasure to announce that the new Sankaku Channel is now live.

Since I was dissatisfied with the possibilities offered by the original image board, I resolved to re-implement it, which I have done, using the immensely powerful Danbooru social image management system; this platform offers a multitude of interesting possibilities, though at the cost of being nightmarishly difficult to host and install, though that need not concern us anymore.

You may have noticed the addition of an interface with the image feeds coming off that very site on the left sidebar (or at least I hope you did); you can flip through the latest posts from there, and of course easily access the site. More integration will follow later. Rather than mass-populate the site I opted to start afresh, so it is still rather bare, though I am sure we can rectify this easily enough.

Regarding Sankaku Channel itself, Danbooru is an undeniably complex system, so it bears some explanation. There is a comprehensive help system on the site, and a quick reference, but for those not familiar with what a Danbooru consists of, I will summarise the key features, and the usage guidelines, such as they are.

Immediately of interest is the tagging system, which allows the basic searching of images based on tags assigned by users, as well as a full selection of operators and additional parameters to allow considerable refinement. Special tags are available for dealing with assigning and detailing authorship and source, always a problem with image boards, and also for identifying series and similar. To enable easier searching of tags, ambiguous tags can also be disambiguated.

Posts themselves can be placed into pools, which can be in the form of an ordered list (i.e. a manga) or a collectively created pool of posts around a particular theme or meme. They can naturally also be otherwise organised by various other criteria, such as popularity and the like.

Additionally, the site organisation is dominated by social functionality; users can vote for images, share favourites, comment, upload, contribute notes or to a wiki, etc.

A powerful and robust set of features indeed.

Regarding the sort of content allowable, the intended policy is strictly permissive, so feel free to post anything (within reason), though more extreme or particular material should definitely be tagged appropriately. If other users deem your contributions inappropriate, they likely will not last long, so this side of things can take care of itself.

Separating 2D and 3D content is something I am mindful of, and it is perfectly possible with tags as it stands, however I am still looking at options for hiding one or the other more simply, as not everyone is going to want to mess around with a relatively complicated tag syntax. 2D will have primacy for the time being.

Should you be kind enough to contribute, then please try to tag any images you upload appropriately (by all means tag other people’s images as well). Try not to upload any images suffering from harsh over-compression; on the other hand, high resolution images are most welcome.

You need to make an account to use certain features of the site, however this is really just to hold your settings and prevent abuse – you needn’t provide an email or jump through any hoops, so it is close to anonymous. I will set up some privileged and moderator accounts when required.

If you have any questions or otherwise, you can use the forum, or are welcome to message me directly on the site itself.

Onwards to Sankaku Channel?

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