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The Ecstasy of Aya Hirano


Mega-seiyuu Aya Hirano crows victory in her latest interview, telling us she shed tears of joy when she learnt of the great success of her debut album, Riot Girl, with it securing sixth place in the Oricon charts; she pledges also not to betray the expectations of fans in her “Riot Tour”.

She explains that a debut album comes only once in a career, so she wishes to expend every effort in ensuring her success, an attitude which appears to have paid off. She is conservatively sticking to her seiyuu guns, however: “But I don’t want to damage my work as a seiyuu… If it weren’t for that I’d just become a ‘multi-talent’, it’s the work I’m best suited for and I’m really grateful to the people in the field.”


Interesting to see that with her success, or perhaps gloating, comes an immediate and rather harsh backlash from 2ch – there are certainly some unkind opinions (many of which are quite inexplicable) about her emerging there, though of course she still has many supporters, even there. However, even her supporters seem prepared to acknowledge she is rather dense…

She may not have much interesting to say, but she can at least read script or score with acclaimed results. With all her recent ‘gravure’ and an impending entry into the collection of a great idol master, her fans are sure to appreciate her affirmation of seiyuu primacy, so perhaps she is not so guileless after all? On the other hand, there is the matter of her battle with obesity


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  • 1. The kimo-ota on 2channel know a lot _about_ anime, but don’t have the taste or brains to really appreciate anything artistic. And their virginal brains short-circuit sometimes and they go all potty-mouthed. Whenever Aya has yet another big success, the “anti-” Hirano cockroaches crawl out of their holes in large numbers.
    2. Aya is actually pretty smart, as I read her blog or see her interviews. She’s just not very witty. Or witty at all. She’s over-serious, if anything.
    3. All girls think they’re fat sometimes, even the thinnest ones.
    4. I see nothing in that interview or anywhere else to justify the words “crow” or “gloat.” Her main characteristic is incredible hard work, and she mentions in the interview that she sees room for improvement in all she does. If I were her, I’d be gloating, but she doesn’t give any evidence of that yet.

    • yes i agree with you hashi-chan.i don’t do 2chan yet but i have heard some of the anti-hirano watever.i agree with your number 1 too.i also read her blog daily and she sure she’s not super smart but she’s honest and to the point in a lot of the things she says.alot of her post are for the “obesity” i don’t think it’s an insult. i think people are saying she’s pretty skinny lol.after all most of her posts are about food lmao