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Night of Command – Yu-Gi-Oh!


Lately, Yu-Gi-Oh! seems to have been revived for the entertainment of Nico goers, and the results are as amusing as ever. Behold, Night of Command!

Player 1


This genre of cut-up remix MADs seems to be gaining strength of late, and as we saw with the tremendously well received (and now thoroughly expunged from Nico’s servers, though not, it has to be said, from Sankaku Complex’s) Code Geass Austria-pon (or Australia-pon if you prefer), the results can be spectacular.

The less charismatically named Kaiba’s Go Through The Duel:

Player 2

The original which started this mini-resurgence…

Player 3

Currently a more efficient method of delivering these videos is being tested (using a different server prepared for the purposes of hosting the soon to be released adjunct to this site), and I am eager to put some load on the fine new server, so I would appreciate any feedback regarding any problems – if it goes smoothly it will be possible to host videos more aggressively, to say nothing of the new site.

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