Death Row Otaku


Necrophile child eater and apparent otaku psychopath 宮﨑勤 / Tsutomu Miyazaki, who was hanged recently after languishing on death row for ten years, apparently spent his years in solitary confinement reading manga and watching anime, it has been revealed by a recipient of his letters.

He corresponded with the outside world frequently, receiving more than 2,000 letters, and some of his correspondence was directed at “Tsukuru” magazine; the editor reports he received several letters a month from the killer, with the majority being comprised of lists of the manga the killer had been reading lately.

He was also apparently permitted to watch videos in his cell, and he mostly opted to watch anime.

The editor also voices his opinion that the man was keen to avoid his looming death, with his mental disorders becoming increasingly severe; it should however be noted that he never displayed any remorse for his acts.

We are not told where and how he obtained his anime and manga, or how it was paid for (presumably an outside supporter, or perhaps he had an inheritance after his father killed himself). Via Jiji.

This man presents an inconvenient case to several parties; for death penalty opponents these kind of cases are difficult to approach because few will sympathise with his plight, and for the vocal party who have been trying to assert his otaku status was a media invention, the report of his prison hobbies will rather put paid to any notion that he was merely portrayed as an otaku by media and police.

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