Tenchu 4 for Wii, to be Trilogy


The latest game in the popular stealth action franchise Tenchu is set to move to the Wii, abandoning the Playstation in something of a surprising move, and the game will herald a trilogy of new titles, it has been announced.

The new series will start with Tenchu 4, with release set for the 23rd of October. The schedule for 5 and 6 is yet to be announced, and it is not clear what platforms they will be for. The same characters and development team as in previous titles will ensure continuity.

A slightly less welcome continuity also apparent is the graphics – they look decided last generation (in fact they look awful), as might unfortunately be expected by the limitations of the Wii platform. By way of compensation, the Wiimote will provide a new set of gameplay elements, though whether this will be enough to outweigh the dated visuals remains to be seen. See the screens and event shots at Famitsu.


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