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Pantsu Pilferer Purloins 2,000 Pairs


A landscape gardener (51) has been nabbed for stealing two pairs of pants from a veranda, but this turned out to be the tip of the iceberg, for searches on his arrest led to another 2,000 pairs being found.

His undoing seems to have been to return to the same place twice, perhaps lured by the quality of undergarments on offer there, but on his second attempt the young lady whose pants he had made off with was lying in wait ready to film him on her mobile. She caught his entire crime on camera, from him grabbing the pants with a pole to running back to his car, and this led to his arrest.

On further investigation, the warehouse of his landscape gardening company was found to contain another 2,000 pairs of pants, which could equate to theft of tens of thousands of dollars by conservative estimation; such a haul is not however unprecedented. We do not hear what the police intend to do with their newfound undergarments. Via Asahi.

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