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Arrest for $30,000 Eroge Pirate

Arrest for $30,000 Eroge Pirate - Elf All-stars Strip Mahjong 3 / エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀3

Asahi reports that a Tokyo area student has been arrested on suspicion of unauthorised copying of Elf All-stars Strip Mahjong 3 (the ignominy – not even arrested over a decent game), amongst many others, but ardent P2P users can, for once, relax as this idiot was not arrested over P2P usage, as other unfortunates have been lately, but for loading the games (some 180, it is claimed) onto HDD and selling them in online auctions.

Apparently he managed a modest profit, selling a hundred drives over a year, and netting himself ¥3,000,000 (for study expenses, he pleas), though as you can see, the risk/reward ratio ultimately was hardly favourable. It seems he downloaded the software from a Chinese P2P service, presumably a torrent forum.


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