Grand Kingdom Trailer “Battle Online!”




Upcoming strategy title Grand Kingdom has detailed the mechanics of its online play, sure to offer a challenge for those not enthused with effortless battles against computer opponents.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 5, 2016 07:25

    Oh shit it plays like Grand Knights history online!! SEX YEaH!! i mean FUCK YEAH!!... More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch PV Absolutely Massive




Final Fantasy XIV has blessed its sizable player-base with a PV of its upcoming 3.2 patch entitled “The Gears of Change”, showing off the gargantuan new boss and all the new content and items that MMO fanatics will likely clamor over, a thoughtful gift unlike those titles which charge for such content

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  • Anonymous commented on February 22, 2016 11:38

    shush, that's because they grind in the wrong way and alone. They missed the "multiplayer" part of this game. Seriously the good part of MMO is to play it with your friends or even total... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2016 17:48

    >"simon says" bosses lol so true, fuck this game... More

Blade & Soul Launch Unexpectedly Voluptuous




The English launch of Korean MMORPG Blade & Soul has unleashed a launch trailer depicting all its captivating cutscenes, providing a copious amount of busty women in skimpy clothing, which as Tera demonstrated seems to be a winning strategy amongst such games.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 26, 2016 18:55

    idk the graphics still look great to me.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 26, 2016 18:54

    You mean so you can't make yourself an uguu kawaii dfc loli.... More

Cosmic League Trailer Peacefully Explosive




Fast-paced online shooter Cosmic League has delivered a cinematic trailer combining soothing classical music with large-scale explosions and gunfights, sure to appeal to both the gun-obsessed western market and anime-lovers simultaneously with its abundance of deadly girls.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 21, 2016 06:46

    "Gun-obsessed", LOL. That's so true on so many levels...since pure narrow-minded prudish white bread Western Culture fanatical Ameritards love their NRA, they wouldn't want a game with pretty "Jap" girls shooting things, no, they want Battlefield,... More

  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 7, 2015 08:51

    A vague recreation of an epic mashup between Date A Live and Hyperdimension neptunia. Stil worth the gaming. Been months I've been looking for a good Mecha PC experience.... More

TalesWeaver x Overlord




MMO turned reality series Overlord has become the next legendary franchise to collaborate with the Korean-developed “TalesWeaver” MMORPG, bringing several characters from the anime into the game as NPCs as well as a surplus of special items that may very well satiate the lusts of those in need of an Overlord game.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2015 13:07

    and ur now what 11?... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2015 10:27

    Pretty sure they use a VPN or proxy of some kind, I don't really want to go to that trouble...... More

World of Tanks TV CM Whips Out The Big Guns




Japan’s fondness for bizarre (or perhaps desperate) marketing is evident once again with the newly surfaced TV CM for tank-centric MMO World of Tanks, asking potential players if they “like big cannon” – all sure to get barrels elevated and overheated from the promise of hot armored action.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2015 01:29

    he's not stoned enough to be mexican.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 18, 2015 22:51

    Try mexico you dumb motherfucka... More

Infinite Stratos: Versus Colors Announced



Mecha harem anime Infinite Stratos is receiving a PC game entitled “Infinite Stratos: Versus Colors”, allowing players to assume the role of any of the show’s lovely ladies (or the highly feminine if less lovely generic beta male protagonist if they prefer) and take part in peerless mecha-on-mecha combat.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 16, 2014 13:05

    You should learn to read before opening your mouth, r e t a r d... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 15, 2014 12:45

    Christ, even Ultimate Knights Windom XP is so much better than this garbage and its a free game. Incidentally, you could probably mod your own IS mechs on UKWXP.... More

Play with Shoko-tan on Xbox Live


In her latest blog entry, blogging cosplay idol Shoko-tan revealed that she is the proud new owner of an Xbox 360, and offers to play with fans.

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  • Takoto commented on August 1, 2009 00:47

    I would add her on Xbox Live. ...Too bad I'm too nervous too... xD;... More

  • pandaman x problem child commented on July 31, 2009 20:59


Cosplay Star RPG OVA

Cosplay Star RPG OVA

As we saw earlier with the prominent featuring of Kagamiku, cosplay is looking to be central to the Lucky Star OVA. Now the official site reveals these development sketches, illustrating a likely focus on netgaming as well.

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  • Gatobrujo commented on July 19, 2015 00:40

    The best OVA from a 4-koma manga-anime!... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 2, 2011 08:39

    The MMORPG they play in the OVA is The Tower of Druaga: Recovery of Babylim.... More

Netgamer Nurse Busted for Boy Raep

Netgamer Nurse Busted for Boy Raep

A lady (34), formerly a nurse, who got to know a schoolboy in her netgaming sessions, and then blackmailed him into joining her at a hotel, has been arrested for molestering the poor lad, who was half her age.

She excuses herself with the legend “I did it because he was a cutie”.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 19, 2012 18:40

    One day you'll have your eyes opened.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 19, 2012 18:30

    Here's your 92 in total.... More


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