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Lady Gaga “As Unrecognisable As AKB48 Without Makeup!”


The latest celebrity to be making news in Japan with her makeup and Photoshop skills
is no less than mother monster Lady Gaga herself, although she is clearly a rare example of an idol who is entirely unabashed about how she looks prior to the attentions of her retinue of beauticians…


Despite being all but unrecognisable, even on 2ch it is still hard to find anyone with anything particularly nasty to say about her:

“Who is this?”

“She’s still hot!”

“She’s certainly an expert at makeup alright…”

“Not bad…”

“She looks like me.”

“What I love about her is that she earned her fame as an actual singer and looks to be a fairly interesting person.”

“Her eccentricities obviously only enthuse her fans more.”

“Wait… doesn’t she resemble someone?”



“Her weight varies so much she looks totally different every time she is spotted out of make-up.”

“She really lost a lot of weight.”

“Considering how much flack she got for getting so fat it is not surprising.”

“She is hot even without makeup:”


“I rather doubt there is no makeup in play there…”

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