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Here, let me explain it the way it was explained to me. In Japan families take baths together, so early on children are introduced to the oppisite sex. So lets say you’re a Japanese guy that is in the grueling stages if puberty, and you have a smoking hot sister that is equally in the grueling stages of “cat in heat.” You already see her nakid, and you already live with her, so it’s easy access, and both of your needs are fullfilled, every night. Then when you become an adult you can play spousal swap, your wife goes to your sister’s husband, and your sister to you, and you get a big headed baby out of the deal, what’s not to love?

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  • Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away:
    Quite a number of people who are mainly adults now in the 30s or 40s grew up listening to her voice when watching anime in the 70-90s, so even if she wasnt as “legendary” as the author Claimed, she was still Legendary to a certain group of people. Least you could do is not be Rude about it.

  • Rory Mercury Cosplay Dangerously Cute:
    but there is one

  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    Except for #1

  • Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away:
    Well, no one will remember you when you die. So compared to you she did bring much joy to those who knew her VA career. How will people remember you when it’s your time to go? Will you do something worth while, or just be forgotten the instant you die? You lose nothing if you show some respect toward other people. Anyways. Rest in peace Shirakawa Sumiko.

  • Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away:
    Why should I “show respect” for some nobody on the other side of the world who died of old age? People die everyday, grow some balls. I made that post because the author called her legendary when she clearly isn’t.


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