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Here, let me explain it the way it was explained to me. In Japan families take baths together, so early on children are introduced to the oppisite sex. So lets say you’re a Japanese guy that is in the grueling stages if puberty, and you have a smoking hot sister that is equally in the grueling stages of “cat in heat.” You already see her nakid, and you already live with her, so it’s easy access, and both of your needs are fullfilled, every night. Then when you become an adult you can play spousal swap, your wife goes to your sister’s husband, and your sister to you, and you get a big headed baby out of the deal, what’s not to love?

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  • Tomoyo Kanzaki Ero-Cosplay by Hasegawa Natsuki:
    This one is better than the blue haired chick. Now to all those r#$%@#s who were complained that i said the blue haired girl(few posts back) was ugly: Compare this girl with that blue haired one. This one has a nicer smile, nicer mouth lines, feminine hands, yes her cheek bones are a bit big, but compared with the blue hair girl this one wins hands down.

  • Tomoyo Kanzaki Ero-Cosplay by Hasegawa Natsuki:
    and you are a tard

  • Izayoi Sakuya Ero-Cosplay by Runa Hanekawa Too Sexy:
    So she’s cosplaying the dream body that Sakuya wants? Because Sakuya doesn’t have that kind of chest… But it does look nice.

  • Tanaka As*ka Onahole Parody – “Join An*s!”:
    Don’t really care for the onahole itself, but this image of Asuka is quite nice looking. Would be best without the censoring and just the art by itself.

  • Overlord: “Now It’s Getting Good!”:
    Sankaku loves to be reporting on controversy in the anime world. I’m pretty sure they pounced on this because it looked like it was going to nosedive based on the first episode and they could spend each episode laughing all the way to the page view counter. And then it turned out to actually not be terrible, but now they’re kind of committed.


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