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“the difference between watching anime on a DVD or a 1080p blu-ray is marginal”
….not! The jump from 480p to 720p is freaking awesome.

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  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Did you watch denpa somthing seishun otoko? There was a girl who basically always dressed as some kind of mascot. And it was a different mascot each time, no less. Most ridiculous outfit. Ever.

  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Fashion is weird. Every decade something new looks good and fashion from last decade looks silly. Most people know that, yet they still follow fashion fully aware that they will be laughed at a decade later.

  • Over 100 Artists Recreate FF7′s Brightest Moments:
    With competition like that… pretty much anyone can do better. I made better stuff in pre-school.

  • Over 100 Artists Recreate FF7′s Brightest Moments:
    From Japanese fan art, yes. Americans? Not so much..

  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trailer Revealed:
    If I can have it censored or not at all, I’d rather have it not at all. And of course I won’t buy censored stuff. That’s like the worst thing to do as a consumer. Besides, I played the original. Understood pretty much everything that was going on and even made it to the “post game” or something. The thing you can unlock after you’ve seen the credits. Never beat the post game bosses, though. Tough fuckers are tough and by that point I kinda lost interest anyway. Rather play post game of Etrian …


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