Comment on Cops Cancel Touhou Event Over Terrorism Threats by Anonymous:

Probably bribed……or the event didn’t pay their “recently enacted police protection money” >.>

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  • Gensou no Grimgar BD “Delivering Shameless Bathing!”:
    The slowness is good. Actually i fanscreamed when manato died.. YES FINALLY BITCH STAR BOY DIED! HRRHHRHAHAHRHR!! *cough* Ehem… it’s nice~

  • Atelier Shallie Plus Trailer Talks Incessantly:
    The irony is that if they released a plain port of the Atelier games on the Vita, there’d be less complaints. Fuck, they might even make more money since they’d have to spend less time (and salaries) making new assets. I’m not really one to white-knight a game company, but if a game company makes improvements to a game, isn’t that generally a desirable thing? … unless you want to believe that they’re withholding content for years just for the Vita port.

  • Naughty Cat Keyhole Lingerie Exposes Serious Pussy:
    “The phenomenally sexy lingerie, available in both “chocolate” and “vanilla” flavors” If i remember well in Nekopara & according to Sayori @ neko works artworks, Chocolat & Vanilla are the 2 neko-girls as black & white… What a coincidence… :D

  • Sexy Non-Japanese Cosplay Gallery:
    seems like you’re the kind of person the second to last paragraph was talking about

  • Atelier Shallie Plus Trailer Talks Incessantly:
    Wow, my sense of time is fucked. It was actually 1998, and that’s more like 20 years ago, not 10. Yeah… so Plus ports are 18 years old, and here people are acting like it’s some new “shady” practice when an enhanced port is released some years later.


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