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88% was nothing but photoshop

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  • Lusty Red Bikini Saber Cosplay by Mike:
    Assuming everyone is just trolling. But she isn’t abnormally skinny, it is a common frame for Chinese in Asia, would not expect it would be different in Japan. But yeah, Nero is not a skinny saber…

  • New Love Live Sunshine Anime Announced:
    original im@s was not bad, cinderella was the worst one

  • Shikkoku no Shaga Gruesomely Sensual:
    You clearly haven’t watched the episode as there’s only 1 short rape scene and it doesn’t even last long for the guy. Everything else was consensual. Just because it isn’t boring ass vanilla doesn’t mean it should immediately be taken as rape.

  • New Love Live Sunshine Anime Announced:
    Yeah the whole Sunshine thing seems rushed. I know they want to cash in while the idol craze is still hot. But the story didn’t seem to go anywhere for ages, there was a lack of songs and dancing and the show just felt disappointing in general. Some of the songs are nice and as a LL fan I still kinda enjoyed it. But it just felt unsatisfying watching a bunch of rich kids loosely imitating the original characters while they did ‘lol so random’ shit.

  • Shikkoku no Shaga Gruesomely Sensual:
    We need more Monster girl.


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