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I agree man and LoL at the brainwashed moe lovers that down-voted your comment. Is not just K-On who should die but the entire moe fad too. Anime is not even that interesting anymore unless you’re a pervert and a pedophile….

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  • Wii U VS Nintendo Switch Compared: Breath of the Wild:
    Not really. Geometry and art would have to stay the same but on more powerful hardware it shouldn’t be impossible to raise the resolution of textures, improve lighting and post-process effects with little effort. But the biggest blunder is the lack of AA because it makes the game look like it is from a decade ago. Mario Odyssey’s lack of AA make sense since the game will run 60fps but the graphics of this new Zelda aren’t very impressive tech wise. All they did was port it straight from the Wii …

  • Divine Darjeeling Cosplay by Fumi Piping Hot:
    She’s thic. Some like it others don’t. It happens.

  • Kuzu no Honkai “Practically An Ero-Anime”:
    Have you taken a look at Kanojo X Kanojo and Resort Boin? I think these 2 have decent animation and just recently got uncensored releases. And there’s Star Jewel and Swing Out Sisters too but these are censored.

  • Boruto Anime: “Naruto: TNG – They’ll Never Run Out!”:
    Boruto starts by showing him as an adult fighting against a guy that supposedly killed Naruto and destroyed the village. So it seems that at some point the series will have a Shippuuden kind of time skip where they’ll introduce a threat that is either OP or that has an ability that only Boruto can counter. Because unlike Naruto Boruto actually has talent.

  • Boruto Anime: “Naruto: TNG – They’ll Never Run Out!”:
    I read some manga chapters of Boruto and I’m not feeling it. The tone of the series is off and much less interesting. You can tell right away that neither art or the story are made by Kishimoto and that is not a good thing. If you thought that Shippuuden’s last arc was bad then Boruto is even worse by a landslide.


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