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Getting this mod would be better than just fapping to regular DLC costumes to DOA.
I wish this was on PC… I don’t want to take the risk to my ps3.
Only if I had a reserve ps3 machine ;-;

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    A route with Iwasawa! I’m highly pleased!

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    Yet again some idiot giving more bad influence to us foreigners. Even if one guy get’s the blame, the same does everyone else, and increases the bad influence on us. I find it horrible that a asshole like this have no respect for human life and kills them to get money spend on everything. Instead of threatning the poor woman and let her life out her life, he threw away the woman’s next precious decades of her life. It’s obvious this guy is sick in the head.

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    That’s sad.

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    I gotta disagree with these guys. I think Lightning’s outfit is awesome. Wel.. Lightning’s outfit in XIII and XIII-2 was cool too. But this one is also Awesome

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    @Shaolan-Kun Oh thanks for calculating the currency between JPY and NOK for me. Yeah it would be cheaper for me to buy it for JPY currency with NOK currency. 140$ is 786 NOK so that would be alot more expensive, and adding 20$ for shipping is just too much. I could buy it at a another store. has it for 100.90$ Slightly cheaper however. It would be cheaper for me if I bought it for JPY currency. Now that I don’t know any webstore I can buy it for JPY currency. Most Japanese web …


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