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Excellent 3-D rendition.

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  • Dark Elf Cosplay by Non Very Dark Indeed:
    I didn’t know there was a Potion of Spray Tan. Still looks good.

  • Titillating Tamako Cosplay Perfectly Pink:
    You know what IS pink and we didn’t get to see? Sigh….. I’m getting spoiled by the internet.

  • Comiket 89 Cosplay Scorching Hot:
    Stubborn AND obsessed it seems. It’s too bad as some of these cosplayers are either sweating their asses off or freezing their asses off at these summer and winter cons. And yes, I saw some goosebumps on some of those asses….. and acne, but that’s another story.

  • Comiket 89 Cosplay Scorching Hot:
    So I’ve posted this question before: Why do they have these cons in either the dead of winter or the dog days of summer. Wouldn’t Spring or Fall be better? Do they have Spring and / or Fall school vacation weeks in Japan?

  • Comiket 89 Cosplay Bottoms Out:
    My personal favorite is the girl in 91 – 93. Don’t know who she supposed to be, but she looks real nice.


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