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yeh…. fake Ds…

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  • Unlimited Blade Works “Heart/wrenching!”:
    “Somehow, Ilya’s death felt quite satisfying.” Statements like these need elaboration, unless you want people to take it a wrong way. Satisfying as in it was just as or more horrifying you expected it to be then compared to VN or satisfying in malicious way, as in you would like to see same happen to real people?

  • Unlimited Blade Works “Heart/wrenching!”:
    Don’t blame ufotable for adapting close to the original. If anything at all, Kinoko Nasu is the one that’s fucked up.

  • Unlimited Blade Works “Heart/wrenching!”:
    I bet a percetange of this game/VNs fans get off sexually because of this childs’ death.

  • Yuki-chan no Shoshitsu = “100% Haruhi!”:
    Anyone else notice Haruhi gained a cup size or two in one of the gifs?

  • Unlimited Blade Works “Heart/wrenching!”:
    “This plays with ones emotions more than being horrifying.” Killing a little girl (or boy)… no matter how you do it, is sick, horrifying and useless shyte. Everything else is worthless. There is no good way for a child to die in any show. Fuck you, Ufotable you sick fscks who probably masturbate to this shyte.


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