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The death of Light is an insult to the character himself. I can’t believe they made him die like this, that’s not a cool death at all :(

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  • MangaGamer Dates Kuroinu:
    The mangagamer website says without mosaics and the pics are indeed uncensored :

  • MangaGamer Dates Kuroinu:
    I haven’t played KuroInu yet (just saw the visuals and read about it) but I’ve played Armored warrior Iris and Valkyrie Svia and it looks very similar visually (except it’s more on tentacle sides). I particularly appreciated the Armored warrior Iris. You can find them on the mangagamer website too.

  • Persona 5 Showcases Fishing & Fights:
    Not funny. I really want japanese voice with subtitles. :(

  • Teacher Kidnaps 12-Year-Old with Stun Gun:
    None. The police officer killed the man by emptying his full clip at him for not “cooperating”.

  • New Persona 5 E3 Footage Emerges:
    And now I dream of a persona 5 undub in a PS4 emulator…


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