Behold “The Cutest JK in All Tokyo”


Schoolgirl admirers have been less than delighted at the young lady recently proclaimed the “cutest high schooler in all Kanto” in a large-scale Shibuya beauty pageant.

Shibuya played host to what is probably its largest “gyaru” event, the annual “Love Sunshine” (“RabuSan”), and the event was accompanied by a “miss” contest intent on identifying the cutest first year high school girl in the entire Kanto region.


The event saw 1200 entries, but the top prize went to 16-year-old gyaru fashionista Moe Iwase (and yes, her name is “萌”), who tearfully grabbed her ¥250,000 prize money on stage, with judges saying “that she was brimming with self-confidence clinched it.”

The runners up:


As with seemingly all beauty pageants, the results have been widely derided, particularly given how far the victor is into “gyaru” territory – JK connoisseurs complain “she looks like she is in her twenties,” “she looks more like a cheap hostess” and “she wouldn’t even sell in an AV.”




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